Wednesday, October 1, 2014

the crown

Yesterday I had to go to the dentist. I feel like I've been there a lot lately. Usually I don't mind a little trip to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned and checked and all. But, this time it was not a great visit to the dentist. It wasn't because he was mean or cruel or incompetent. No, it was because I had to have a crown.

In December I had a cavity, I know, I know... I brush at least twice a day and I floss at least four times a week [just being honest...] and yet, I still get cavities. I had a nice little stretch of being cavity free, like six years or so. But then that ended. And I thought I had a cavity. I did. So he filled it in. Then a few weeks later my tooth started hurting. A lot. I called my dentist because I as afraid my tooth was dead ... which meant that I would need a root canal. After one day of being in excruciating pain from my tooth, it mostly went away.

But then I couldn't really feel my tooth and a few months later I noticed swelling above that tooth. I'm no dentist or dental hygienist, but I knew that could only mean one thing. So I talked to my dentist about it, he prescribed an antibiotic for the swelling,  and had me go into the Endodontist [a dentist who specializes in root canals]. Fun.

I went in and it was confirmed that I would indeed need a root canal. I'd done a little bit of research and talked to my dental assistant mom and knew what to expect. It really wasn't awful. Every one always talks about how horrible having a root canal is. It wasn't bad. They numb your mouth, clean the infected area, and make sure your mouth is propped open. All good.

When the Endodontist confirmed my root canal he told me what he would do and that in addition to that, I would need a crown put on.

I'm not sure why I didn't talk to my mom about a crown or look up what exactly they do to put the crown on your tooth. I knew the basics of it, they put a little cap like cover on your tooth to keep everything in place and what not.

I did not know that when you get a crown, they shave/carve/destroy your tooth down to a tiny little baby tooth like stub of nothing. Even though I knew my tooth was already dead, I was still pretty attached to it, I mean really, attached to it. It's my tooth!

So after the dentist messed around in my mouth for what seemed forever, there was a little break before they moved onto the next step. That's when my tongue did a little feeling around in my mouth and discovered my lack of tooth. What?! Why did they not tell me what they were doing?

Of course I asked about it. And the hygienist happily explained the whole process ... I wish they had done that before they started, not that it would have changed anything, it just would have been nice to know they were taking my tooth away from me.

It took them over two hours from start to finish. And I still have to go back. Super.

Anyhow. I now have a temporary crown. It's super awesome. It's also great to know just how much money we have spent on my teeth. Good gracious, that stuff is not cheap.

I just hope I never have to have that done again. I might really start not liking the dentist if I do. sheesh.

The dentist isn't horrible, I just want to keep my teeth. I guess it's things like this that make you realize just how much you like your teeth.

Am I the only one who didn't really realize what a crown was? Have you ever had a crown/root canal? Were you pleasantly surprised when you realized what they were doing to your mouth? Or are you one of the lucky ones who is cavity free like? Do you love/hate going to the dentist?

oh, goodness.


Danielle said...

I've yet to have a root canal but oh so many fillings and I HATE the dentist. I get so worked up before I go. It's always fine but the anticipation is the worst.

Sharon Woods said...

Regular visits to the dentist should keep your teeth healthier. Sometimes, regular brushing and flossing of your teeth isn't enough to keep the enamels inside strong enough. Anyway, undergoing a root canal can definitely make anyone nervous, so don't fret too much about your experience. I do hope that the next appointment to the dentist will fare better for you, Hannah. All the best to you! :)

Sharon Woods @ Fall Spark Dentistry

Joanna said...

Two weeks before my last appointment was scheduled, I was quite afraid, but only because the gums below my left wisdom tooth were swollen and the tooth would be in constant pain each time I would bite down on it. Luckily, it was just my wisdom tooth growing slowly, so I didn't need a root canal.

Joanna @ Westheimer Dentist