Tuesday, October 14, 2014

tips from the laundry room

Today I thought I'd share a few little things I have found that help me maintain the mountain of laundry. I'm no expert or anything, and I have days [and weeks] when I get a little behind. But, I have found that after starting to apply these little things in my laundry life, my pile of laundry has been a little less scary. 

1. Have a few baskets for sorting and sort as you go through the week. Since we've been married we've always had three baskets for laundry. They were ones we had while still living our single lives, but combined they worked great for my sorting purposes. A white basket for whites, a light green basket for colors, and a dark blue basket for darks. Easy peasy. When you're putting your dirty clothes in the hamper at the end of the day, you just toss the clothes in the appropriate basket. Sorting is done. 

2. Do one load a day. I used to do all of our laundry in one day. Each Saturday was laundry day and I would do three loads of laundry. No biggie, and it was fun. I'd save all the folding for the end of the day and fold while I watched a movie or something. But then we had a baby and that schedule just wasn't cutting it. Plus, he had enough clothes to make up his own load and for whatever reason, four loads in one day was more than I could handle. Then there's things like sheets, towels, and what not [that I used to just throw in whenever I felt like we needed fresh ones...] that needed to be washed too. Each morning after I'm ready and before breakfast I just put one load of laundry in the washer. Then a few hours later or whenever I have a minute, I'll switch the load to the dryer. So my laundry week looks a little like this [give or take the color for the day of the week]:

Monday -darks
Tuesday - whites 
Wednesday - colors 
Thursday - baby's clothes
Friday - sheets/towels  

3. Fold one load a day. Now, this part is where it starts to get tricky for me. And usually I end up folding the load from the previous day and letting the freshly dried clothes hang out in the dryer until the next day when I fold them. The clothes don't always get folded that day... but that's my goal. Usually it takes all of five minutes to fold them, so I try and just take the time to do it. I mean, it's just five minutes. 

4. Fold them the minute you take them out of the dryer. If you can. If I just take them out and don't fold them right then and there I find they stay heaped in the basket and we have to dig through it to find what we want. But, if I fold them immediately after taking them out of the dryer the chances of us having to dig for our clothes are much less. 

5. Put that load away. Right away if you can. Sometimes this chore gets done right before I'm going to bed. But after the clothes are at least folded and sitting on my bed I've found it has helped a little in getting them put away. Or at least set the folded clothes on your bed and put the basket away, that way you won't have a place to sleep until your clothes are put away. See my motivation? But again, I'm not perfect and sometimes it takes me another day before they are put away. 

6. Get an extra laundry basket [or two].  This is the big one. This is the one I have found to be a big help to me and one that I've just recently started doing. I let the extra laundry basket sit on top of the dryer. That way after I put the dirty load in the washer I can put the basket back in it's place so clothes don't start piling up in a messy heap on my bedroom floor [like they do until a week or two later when I need that pair of jeans], but in their basket where the should be. Having a nice and tidy room motivates me to keep it that way. Then, when the clothes in the washer are clean and dry, I put them in the extra basket to fold and ultimately put away. I like having an extra basket sitting around, it reminds me that I have a load of laundry waiting for me, and a place for me to put it. And also, it's kind of like a prize when it's empty. It shows me that I've done my laundry chore for the day. 
There are lots of different methods of doing laundry, and what works for one person may not work for another. I'm not saying this method is the best one, all I'm saying is that it works the best for me [so far]. Since laundry is a constant in our house it's nice to have some sort of way to help me manage it. Having a goal of getting one load a day done has been huge for keeping a mountain of dirty laundry at bay. Do you have a method to  your laundry? A schedule? A way that you've found helps you stay on top of the mountains of laundry that seem to rise? Do share! I'm always up for learning new tips and tricks. 


Lauren said...

Nick & I have done laundry on the weekends for pretty much every weekend since we got married 7+ years ago! We do it together and while it's a lot...it's nice to not worry about it during the week. Of course this is all subject to change if we have LOTS of weekend plans...but we always manage to get it done! Except for maybe that last load...typically towels or sheets...it seems to sit in the chair for an extra few days!

Danielle said...

Definitely do at least a load a day. Saves me from piles of laundry on the weekend when all I went to do is have fun.

Ashley @ Words About Waverly said...

Such good tips, we do ours every day now too ... Kids change everything (in the best way!!). :)