Monday, November 24, 2014

a weekend: food, family, and visits

*Update ... in case you were wondering, the mouse is dead! We caught him. Saturday morning was the best because he was trapped. And I don't have to tiptoe around my kitchen any more. 

On Friday night Landon's parents and youngest sister came in for a little visit. We were all pretty excited to see them. When they come in for a visit we've fallen into a little pattern of ordering pizza for dinner on Friday night, it's a nice treat for us and for me -there is very little to clean up!

The last time they were in I had told my mom-in-law that I wanted to get Emerson a Little People Nativity set. Funny enough she had been wanting to get him one too. So this time when they came to visit she brought the Nativity set with her, after checking with me that it was okay. Emerson loved [loves] it. He played with it nearly all weekend. If we were in the living room, he was playing with it. He got really excited about when I put some batteries in and the angel played a song. I love that he is already learning the Christmas story.

Because the weather is not ideal for being outside we did something a little different and went to Sam's Club. We don't have a membership card, so we thought it would be a good opportunity to take advantage of their card. Also, I really just wanted to go get a few items in bulk. Turns out, they didn't have either of the things I was looking for. It wasn't a wasted trip, we still got a few things, even some Christmas gifts, but I was sad I couldn't find a box of 20 plus of the strawberry milk I was looking for.

I'm sure you don't remember, but Emerson doesn't like milk. Ever since I weaned him, he hasn't cared much for milk. I've tried all kinds, but nothing. Until now. The only kind of milk he will drink is strawberry -with the cow on it. Silly boy. Maybe it's not good that I'm giving him extra sugar in his milk, but hey, it's milk right? So that has to count for something. Sadly they only had chocolate and that just wouldn't do.

For dinner we tried a new restaurant and agreed that it was so good. It was fancier than most we eat at [there were white cloth tablecloths -though they thankfully had a sheet of white paper on top too, so Emerson couldn't ruin the whole thing :] and the food was so good! Landon and I might have to go back there on a date sometime. Dressed a little fancier than the hoodies we were wearing ... eh.

On Sunday Emerson was again, spoiled with attention and got to do anything and everything he wanted to. Lucky duck. It's always nice to see the in-laws and have them come to visit. And it's always quiet and sad when they leave in the afternoon. But we'll see them soon for Christmas!


Alisha said...

Sounds like such a fun weekend! I love that Emerson will only drink strawberry milk with a cow on it, that is so cute. Little ones are so funny sometimes!

Amy said...

What a fun weekend! I've never given Cash strawberry milk before. He loves white & chocolate, so I'm sure he would love strawberry, too.