Thursday, November 20, 2014

eeekkk! there's a mouse in my house

Our house has two and a half bathrooms. One of which is off the kitchen, it's not ideal and I wouldn't choose to put one there, but it is what it is. Anyhow, the other day I was in the downstairs bathroom about to clean it up and as I was throwing something away in the trash can I noticed little black things in the corner around the base of the trash can. 

Huh. What's that? I thought. It kind of looks like droppings . . . or maggots? I hope. I'll ask Landon to have a look when he gets home. And not clean it up. 

So that's what I did. Only, I forgot to ask Landon to have a look. 

This afternoon around lunch time Landon went in the bathroom and said, "What does mouse poop look like?" 

And that's when I knew.

There was [correction: is] a mouse in our house - kitchen and bathroom to be a little more precise. 

I tucked my feet up under me and shivered and shook.   

See, I can do and handle lots of things. Smooch a spider. Kill a cockroach. Chase a gecko away [mostly]. But rodents? No. Never. 

When I was nine it was discovered that a rat was living in the box spring of the mattress my brother was sleeping on top of. The rat nibbled on his hair while he was sleeping one night. He didn't sleep in that bed again, but with my sister and I. And we all slept with our sleeping bags closed around our heads. And ran past that room. We got a cat even though my mom is extremely allergic. Finally that rat was caught/killed/died.... 

We had other rats. But since we had a very good and faithful cat they stayed out of the house. For the most part. 

Because of that I have an extreme fear and hate of rodents. 

I can't function. I run. I hide. And don't come out. I clam up. I can't breathe. I tip toe. I hyperventilate. I stay away. 

They freak me out. 

Landon just laughs. Smiles. And says I'm being overly dramatic and putting a show on. A show for who?! 

This is real, people. 

So now we have a mouse in our house. Kitchen. Where I cook. And Emerson plays on the floor. And where we eat [smart mouse I suppose...] 

We have two traps set up, one in the bathroom where the droppings were. One by the fridge where I also saw more droppings. 

Landon said, "He's probably staying behind the fridge."

Oh, lands sakes. 

This thing needs to be gone. Dead. Killed. The sooner the better. 


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Meghan said...

Oh I would be freaking out! My parents found a mouse when I was living at home after college. My mom and I are both terrified and my mom told my dad that we would be staying in a hotel until he killed it lol. He caught it in a few days!