Tuesday, November 18, 2014

some favorite things

I've seen this link up around a lot today and thought it would be fun to join in. I know I'm not getting much for Christmas [I already got my present], but it's still fun to have a list of favorite things, right? Right. 

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A new winter coat is an absolute necessity. It is freezing here and my one good, warm, winter coat is worn out and old. And I need a warmer coat, with an extra lining in it for the winters here with the freezing wind and snow and all that. I really do hope someone loves me enough to get me this coat [or one quite similar to it].

The pretty nail polish and Jamberry wraps are all ideas from one of my good friend. We were talking a while ago about both and now I not only want to try the wraps, but I also want the nail polish she was wearing that day.

Slippers are something that I wear out. I've gone through countless pairs of them and these ones are the only brand I have found that is able to withstand my extreme slipper wearing habits. They lasted me three years, as opposed to the usual three months. Plus they're cute and comfy. Jess mentioned this sweater and I love it, so I had to add it to my list.

A fun mug would be nice, I like a different one every now and then and all my much look the same. There is something about having a special mug, right? And you can't go wrong with candles. Oh, I love the candles. And also mittens, to you know, help me survive these freezing winters.

Anyhow... those are some of my favorite things [and things that would make nice Christmas gifts, for me at least ;]. I'm linking up here today.


Lauren said...

I've got candles and new slippers on my list as well...with having a newborn around, I need to be comfy and cozy at home!

Alisha said...

LOVE the Jacket, Mittens, and Sweater... okay, let's be real, I love it all! :) Seriously, I am on the hunt for a new winter jacket that is actually warm, they are such a [necessary] investment but so expensive!