Monday, December 1, 2014

a happy thanksgiving : a review

Last Tuesday afternoon we packed up our car and drove hours north to Minnesota. Thankfully we were blessed with good weather and a very good little munchkin. We managed to make only one stop on the eight hour drive, at a Chick-fil-a to boot. That wasn't planned or anything.... [yes. it was. very much planned].

I was concerned with how Emerson would do with moving from sleeping in the car to the pack and play and falling back to sleep and all that, but he was great. He laid completely still while I changed him for bed, and fussed for all of five seconds after I laid him down. Sadly a few hours later, he had been having terrible coughing fits and then threw up. Everywhere. It was awful. Poor baby. He laid with us for a little while after that then we put him back in his own bed. He was fine for the rest of the night and woke up happy in the morning.

found here. orignal source unknown.

Wednesday it snowed. All day long. It was so pretty. My nephews and niece were at school and my sister had to work for a little bit, so we hung out around the house and went on a little trip to Target. My stain remover had run out and we needed more - you know from the excitement from the night before. It was a restful day though and I was able to spend some time with my sister that afternoon, which is always a treat.

For Thanksgiving it's my little family of three, my sister's family, and her mother-in-law. So not too many people, but enough to make a big meal for. My sister, Cara, and I started getting things ready on Wednesday night, making pies, and a few other things. Most of Thursday we spent in the kitchen making all of the different dishes to enjoy later that day and planning our Friday out.

Friday is a day [or rather morning- we are the ones who go shopping around 4 or 5 in the morning. We've found it's the ideal time for avoiding crowds, at least at the Mall of America, and always finish right when it starts to get super busy and crowded -which I just can't do] of shopping for us. Each year I visit my sister we go shopping on Black Friday. If I didn't go to her house for Thanksgiving I wouldn't leave the house at all on Friday; but it is a fun time with her and it's nice to have some quality time with her. It's also really exiting to snatch tons of amazing deals! Plus, there's no sales tax on clothes in Minnesota. Happy. Usually I go shopping and forget half of the things or people I want to shop for. So this year I made a list of things I wanted to get and people I wanted to shop for -and I even had some birthday money saved up so I could treat myself to a few of the amazing deals. I'm proud to say I came away with nearly all of my shopping done. I only had a few little things left to get after our big shopping trip, which made me very happy. I've found I love to get my Christmas shopping done weeks before Christmas and this year I have done just that!

On Saturday morning we packed our things back up [it amazes me how much stuff we had to take for a three day trip for just three people ... and one dog]. Our car was packed. Crazy.

While I always enjoy visiting family and friends it is always so nice to be home again. And one thing I love coming home to is a home that is decorated for Christmas. Which my house was. It was so cute: I was unloading things from the car and Landon had brought Emerson inside with him, when I came in Landon said, "He is your son. The first thing he wanted to do was plug in the Christmas tree lights." That makes my heart so happy. Landon could go all day without plugging in the lights.

I always seem to do a terrible job at taking pictures when visiting family -especially my sisters. So I have one picture from the whole trip of us, and it's on Landon's iPod... so yeah. I just like to look at it like I'm too busy enjoying life and such to take a picture or two. Though I do wish I would at least think to take two picture before the minute we're getting ready to walk out the door. It's the same with blogging, I had days I could have blogged, but I was too busy resting or hanging out with family.

Anyhow, I hope you all had Happy Thanksgivings! I look forward to catching up and reading about your festivities.

Happy December!!!! 


Ashley @ Words About Waverly said...

No pictures just means you were living in the moment!!! And oh, how I wish I could do Black Friday at the mall of America!!!!!

Alisha said...

I sometimes take advantage of the whole no sales tax on clothes here. LOL. So glad you had fun! Wishing I could have met up with you guys!! By the time I saw your e-mail we were home sick with Alex and Mikko! SO BUMMED!!! :(