Wednesday, December 31, 2014

a look back at our year

This day only comes once a year [I suppose every day only comes once a year, but this being New Years Eve and all it feels as though it's a little more rare -just like the other holidays...], so instead of doing a "regular" post [whatever that is] I thought I'd do a little review of our year. 


We celebrated Emerson's first year of life as a family of three and then later had a little "party" with Landon's parents and one of his sisters. I had fun making his cake and wrote a letter to Emerson for him to read one day when he's older. 


I shared what a day with three babies was like and I also developed a horrible toothache that I thought might lead to a root canal, but the ache went away so it was forgotten about. Thank goodness, right? My sweet sisters-in-law sent us a Valentine's Day gift -a treat for me and a gift for Emerson.  


Spring Break came around for both Landon and myself at the same time, it was nice to be off at the same time. We took a little trip to visit Landon's family in Kentucky and my sister and her kids came to visit us for the week. The sun also popped out one day so we got to enjoy some precious sunshine at the park


April brought with it lots of fun. I co-hosted a baby shower for a friend and we were able to see our small group from Louisville. That same weekend we also got to attend the wedding of one of our friends; her wedding was beautiful and it was fun to see her marry her sweetheart. We enjoyed Emerson's second Easter at home as a family of three. Landon was award a Fellowship [so proud of him!] and I was able to quit babysitting the second baby. It was a good month. 


May wasn't quite as busy as April, we stayed home and did this and that. I celebrated my second Mother's Day [crazy!] and Emerson was sick a few times for reasons unknown to us. It will forever remain a mystery. 


Landon enjoyed his second Father's Day at his parents house in Kentucky, we went on a little trip to visit his family for a few days and it was so nice. We also enjoyed being outside -a lot.


We visited lots of family and Emerson got to meet his grandpa [my dad] for the very first time! I turned one year older, enjoyed long Summer days outside, and went to the park - a lot. We also went on a vacation to the beach and spent a week in the sun and sand. 


I shared about our trip to the beach. I reflected about what I would be doing if I were teaching and how I missed it. August also marked one year of our living in Illinois


After a few weeks [or months?] of thinking about and working on a project I finished it. My laundry room/work space was complete. Landon's parents came in for a visit and we visited the pumpkin patch with them. It was the perfect way to start off our Fall fun. We also spent some quiet days at home and outside that I never want to forget. 


Landon and I both had Fall Break at the same time and we had lots of fun surprising his mom at her office and then his dad at his office. We spent the weekend visiting his family and enjoying time with them. Remember that toothache from February? It turned out to be really bad and I needed a root canal and a crown. fun fun. We also carved our first pumpkin as a family! And I found out I was pregnant with baby #2! 


I shared our Halloween adventures and a few weeks later we had an unwelcome visit from a mouse  but then enjoyed a visit from Landon's parents and one of his sisters. And the mouse died. It snowed for the first time this Winter season [even though technically it was still Fall] and Emerson loved it! We celebrated Thanksgiving with some students in Landon's program and then a week later we enjoyed spending the holiday with my sister and her family. 


We enjoyed a very happy little Christmas with family and were able to visit friends. In addition to enjoying a merry Christmas we finally shared our exciting news: baby #2 is on the way! 

It has been such a blessed year and I am so looking forward this coming year. It will be full of fun and change! 

Happy New Year you to you! 

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Alisha said...

Loved reliving your 2014 with you, such a great year.