Wednesday, December 17, 2014

a thoughtful gift

The other night I got a package in the mail. Getting mail is always the best, but when you get a package in the mail? It's even better. And when you don't have to wait for your birthday/Christmas to open said package it's even better! Little things in the mail are such the best. 

The package contained a very yummy hand cream, perfect for dry hands [which is perfect for me as my hands are always so cracked and dry during the winter], and two sheets of Jamberry nail wraps. So sweet! I've already been enjoying the hand cream and can't wait to try the nail wraps. I've heard such good things about them and am excited to try them out. Although, I'm a little nervous about applying them, any tips would be welcome. I've looked at a few tutorials online and am hoping to try them out this weekend. fun fun. 

It's little things like surprise gifts from a thoughtful friend that make me smile all the way down to my toes... and want to hug the dickens out of her. If only we lived closer... 

And that's all I have for today. It's my little bit of cheer [I'm joining Amy and Jess again :].

Merry Merry!! 


Amy said...

Snail mail & packages are the best! Love those wraps. I just youtube Jamberry Application & there is an actual video from the Jamberry girls. I use a hair dryer. After the first time you do it, it will get easier.

Alisha said...

Love getting packages in the mail too. SO fun! I have not tried Jamberry yet, but they look like so much fun!