Tuesday, December 2, 2014

have a chocolate ?

Some days you just need a chocolate.

Yesterday morning I took Emerson to the doctor. He's had a terrible cough for weeks now, and over the past few days it's gotten even worse. So bad that at nights and during naps he pretty much coughed the whole time. The coughing fits were terrible and scary and had both Landon and myself worried that he was okay. I decided take him into the doctor as soon as I could get an appointment on Monday. Thankfully I was able to get one fairly early on. And thankfully the doctor we saw was really good. I'm so excited to finally have a good doctor for Emerson.

Anyhow, after taking a listen and look at Emerson he told me he had a lung infection something or rather and prescribed an antibiotic for him. We headed to the store to pick up his medication and since we were there I grabbed the rest of my Christmas gifts. Which was nice.

However between leaving the doctor, getting the medicine, getting home, and eating lunch there were a few meltdowns. Full on meltdowns. Not by myself, though just about...

And that is why I couldn't have been happier for nap time and to sit down and enjoy a chocolate.

I'm not a huge chocolate lover, but I do like the occasional truffle or brownie. And yesterday afternoon, I enjoyed that little treat more than I think I ever have.

Somedays you just need a chocolate, you know?

...thankfully the medicine is already putting Emerson on the mend, he didn't have coughing fits last night, so that's a happy thing :)


Jennie said...

I am having one of those moments now! Eating some M&Ms! =)

Alisha said...

Poor Emerson!! :( I hope he is feeling better soon!

Totally agree with you on the whole chocolate thing, I am not huge on chocolate, but when I want it, I want something good... like a truffle! :)