Thursday, December 4, 2014

l love stockings

Growing up my family always did stockings for Christmas. It was one of my favorite parts about Christmas [though really, there are so many favorite things it's pretty much impossible to have just one]. When Christmas morning came around, regardless of when we woke up, we could go find and open our stockings. They were always filled with little treats and goodies, candies, an orange, a toothbrush, this or that. Little things that were made even more special just because they came out of a stocking. 

There are several traditions I hope to carry on as we have our own little family, and stockings is one of them. Since we've been married I've done a stocking for Landon and have stuffed a few things in my own just to have something to take out. Silly, I know. But he didn't grow up with stockings like I did. He has gotten better over the past few years but he still likes me to give a few ideas or suggestions. When we do our stockings we like to keep things on the cheap, these are just a few things that I think would nicely stuff a stocking this year... 

Do you do stockings? What are some of the your favorite things to stuff them with/take out of them? 


Sara McCarty said...

I love stocking stuffers! My stocking used to be my favorite part of Christmas! My mom (I mean, Santa) always did such a great job finding cute little gifts and fun treats to put in there. Hoping to carry on the same tradition with our littles.

Alisha said...

Stocking stuffers are the BEST. Love the nail color and gloves especially!!