Tuesday, December 30, 2014

our Christmas week // a recap

First, thank you all so much for your sweet comments and wishes on yesterday's post! We are so excited and I can't wait to share more details with you soon.

I mentioned last week that we stopped to see some friends of ours in Louisville. And then Christmas came around and I spent my days enjoying time with family and friends. We had a busy but restful week. And this is just a little long recap of our Christmas, with lots and lots of pictures. 

On Monday Landon's parents both had to work, so we spent the day hanging out with Landon's sisters, playing with Emerson, and visiting some of his family. Tuesday we stayed at his parents house again, playing, resting, and visiting with family who stopped by to see us Emerson.

Then the festivities began. On Christmas Eve Landon, Emerson, and I went to my sister's in-law's house. It may sound strange, but nearly every Christmas since moving to the states I've seen her in-laws. They live in the same town as Landon so we go there to see my sister for Christmas Eve and sometimes it's the only chance I have to visit her. We were able to visit her and her family for a few hours and then we headed back so Emerson could get a nap before Landon's family came over that night.

Christmas Eve night Landon's dad's side of the family came over to the house for dinner and a little gift exchange. Emerson's great-Mamaw gave him a red Radio Flyer tricycle. It was a big surprise to him [and us], but I think he will love riding it to the park this Spring and Summer! It was nice seeing that side of Landon's family and some of the little baby cousins. Emerson wasn't quite sure what to think of them, one is a little older and quite bold, and one's a baby. But it was fun to see them together.

I was so excited for Christmas morning, and even though we couldn't be home for it we were able to have our own little Christmas together before we joined the rest of Landon's family. I always remember how fun it was to wake up at home on Christmas growing up and open our stockings and gifts... the little things we did that made it Christmas. Even though we weren't home I felt like it was important to share a little family time before joining Emerson's grandparents and aunts.

our tree at home before all the presents were packed up

Landon's sister's tree that I took over :) 

When we stay at my in-law's house I quickly fall out of routine. I don't wake up early and do my quiet time [we sleep in the same room as Emerson and there's no way I'm setting my alarm because I want him to sleep as long as possible] or get ready like I usually do at home. But on Christmas morning, maybe because I was so excited, I did. It was the only morning I woke up early and slipped quietly out of bed, got ready, and did my quiet time [there is something even more special about that time on Christmas Day]. I also stuffed some stockings.

Once Emerson woke up on Christmas morning we read a few Christmas story books, his "The First Christmas" book, and prayed together. I want him to know the reason we celebrate Christmas and that it's not all about presents and things. Afterwards he opened his stocking and we opened our few gifts as a little family.

I know it's blurry, but this captures his excitement of the morning so perfectly.

After we had finished our own Christmas we went upstairs and enjoyed breakfast with the rest of Landon's family: eggs, hash browns, ham, ham and cheese breakfast casserole, biscuits and gravy, apples, and all kinds of other foods. Once that was cleaned up we went back downstairs for our "second" Christmas with all of Landon's family.

This year Emerson really enjoyed opening gifts, he was so excited just taking the wrapping paper off of a box had him dancing and cheering. Once the paper was off a box he would clap and cheer and when he saw what was in the box he would clap all over again -it didn't matter if the gift was for him or someone else. He wanted to unwrap gifts and it was so fun to watch him.

helping his great-granny open her gift from him

We spent the morning playing, reading, and laying around. Emerson ran around and played with anything, everything, and everyone that he wanted to. His Gigi, Pop, and aunties were all too happy to oblige. After lunch Emerson laid down for a nap, as did most of the rest of us.

That evening Landon's mom's side of the family came over for Christmas. More food, more family, more chatting, more kids, more gifts. By the end of it Emerson was worn out and had to go to bed before anyone even left the house.

Friday was a quieter day. That night Landon and I went out with some of his friends from high school. Emerson stayed with his Gigi, Pop, and an auntie, and played the night away. I thought I might be able to get home in time to put him to bed, but in the end his auntie put him down. I loved peeking in at him later that night, seeing him sleep so sweetly.

Saturday morning we packed up our bags and loaded the car. Emerson's great grandparents came over to play with him that morning before we left. The big game was on that day: Kentucky vs. Louisville. So after lunch Emerson laid down for his nap and the rest of us watched the game. We had a quick dinner and drove home. We figured Emerson would sleep for part of the trip home, but he didn't sleep -not a wink. After I laid him in his own bed that night though, he rolled around and grinned the biggest grin and went right to sleep.

We had such a sweet time with family. I'm so glad we were able to spend Christmas with them and visit with friends and family while we were in. I hope you all were able to enjoy Christmas with family and friends. It's hard to believe it's almost a new year!!

I have some fun things to share with you later this week and I can't wait, so come back ;)

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Alisha said...

Wow! What a busy but exciting Christmas weekend! So excited for you guys. Plus, that blurry picture of Emerson is beyond adorable!!