Friday, December 5, 2014

snacks, santa, and hair

one. I am wishing I had some sort of gathering or something like that that I had to go to because I would really like to make a bunch of snack foods. They just all sound so good to me lately, especially some pretzels or something equally yummy.

two. This weekend I hope to wrap some Christmas gifts up and stick them under our tree. I know we're just going to have to pack them up a in a few weeks, but it's always fun to admire the gifts under the tree. 

three. Santa or no Santa? I know Emerson is still young and probably too little to understand the whole Santa thing, but it's still something we're thinking about. Should we do the whole Santa thing or just skip it? I know it's a personal choice and that it's not what Christmas is all about, but there is still something fun about Santa and Christmas, right? What do you do? If you do Santa when did you start? 

four. A hair cut? It's been about six months since I've had my hair cut so it's about time for me to get a little freshen up cut I think. I like having shorter hair [especially since I have a munchkin who loves to pull on and play with it] but someone else likes it longer ... so I never know what to do. At the very least I need a little cut, a freshen up. Hopefully that can happen before Christmas sometime. 

five. Curls? I'm sure once I get my hair trimmed/cut I will feel better about it, but right now I'm feeling pretty blah about my hair, both when it's curly [in it's natural state] and straight [which I do sometimes]. It needs a little more umph. Some style. Something to pretty it up. I don't really have patience [or time] to make it nice every morning, so suggestions are welcome. But I have noticed that when my hair is fixed and I don't feel like a complete frizz head, I feel much prettier and much better. And maybe even a little bit more happy. A nice controlled curl would be nice, or style. Have any of you tried hot rollers before? thoughts? Because I'm kind of tempted to give it a try. 

I hope you all have a happy and restful weekend! 

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Alisha said...

Totally agree with all of these, we do the whole Santa thing, Alex is just now able to put a face to a name with Santa, but he still doesn't get it. I don't know how we will handle it as he gets older though!

As for the rollers, personally, I feel like they are more work than they are worth... or I am doing them wrong, one of the two.

I also have super curly hair that I straighten (usually) and then curl it. I have a hot tools curling iron that I use and pretty much just frame my face with curls and do a few around the top of my head and a couple at the bottom, which I like, since it saves tons of time for me, is easy to control, and you can still chase after a toddler in between curls. win-win for me. :)