Wednesday, January 21, 2015

a happy birthday letter

Today is the day Emerson turns two, so I wrote him a letter ... 


Today you are two years old! I can hardly believe how much you have grown this past year and how much you have changed. Only a year ago you were taking wobbly steps and today you are a speedy little mister running or walking anywhere you can. 

You are such a sweet little boy, Emerson. You'll come up to me and give me a big hug and a kiss then run off to play again, or you'll go find your daddy if he's home just to check on him and give him a hug five. You are usually a good listener and obey when asked to do / not do something, but there are times you want what you want and that's it. We're working on not throwing fits if / when you don't get something you want. 

Right now your vocabulary is exploding. This past weekend you said "test" clear as could be [your daddy's working on a really hard test right now] and anytime I said daddy or you saw daddy you would say test. Some other words you have started / have been saying are: shoes, mommy [it was always mama before], Gege [for Gigi], Poppy, Papaw, snack, Boady, pictures, no, door, milk, apple, crackers, blocks, box, book [with the 'k' sound!], bird, Hoho [for Santa/Christmas], oh no, socks, blankie, Pooh, Cocoa, pee, poop, play ... there are more [I'll write them down as them come to me :]. You know so many animals and recognize them. You see them and make their sound, or hop [if it's a bunny or kangaroo or some other hopping creature]. It seems like just in the past few weeks your vocabulary has grown so much! I know it will only continue to grow, it is so much fun to hear you make your thoughts known through your words [or sounds]. Keep talkin mister! 

Soon you are going to start sleeping in a big bed [well, not your crib] as we are getting ready for the arrival of your little brother or sister. You guys are going to share a room so you'll have a buddy to keep you company at night. I hope and pray you two have the sweetest of relationships with each other. 

I am excited to celebrate your birthday with you some more tonight with presents and cake! We're going to celebrate some more this weekend with your Gigi, Poppy, and Auntie M. They can't wait to see you and celebrate two years of you! 

Emerson, I pray for you each and every day, throughout the day. There are many things that I pray for and over you, one of the biggest ones being that you would know, love, obey, and desire Christ in your life above all else. I know temptations will arise some day and I pray that God will give you the strength to resist and flee from them. It is my prayer that you are kind, faithful, and strong. I pray for your wife and children [yes, already!] and that you will have a strong relationships and that you will always seek the Lord together and individually. I pray that we will have a good relationship with each other [even when you are stinky teenage boy] and that you will always feel like you can [and want] to come to me and your daddy to talk. I pray for your safety and provision, for blessings and future. I know that the Lord is keeping you in Him and I pray that you know that one day too. 

You are such a joy to me and your Daddy. We love you so much and are so thankful that you made us parents. We can't wait to see you as a big brother, we know you'll be the best one. Thank you for making me your mama and for loving me even on my bad days. I will always love you and cherish each moment that I have with you, because they are oh so precious to me. I love you to the stars and back, Gooseberry. 



Jessica said...

This is just the sweetest letter. It makes me want to cry while reading it. Happy 2nd birthday to sweet Emerson! Can't believe that my little man will be 2 as well in just a couple of months! Here's to hoping that our boys adjust well to their big boy beds - I'm a bit scared of this transition!

Alisha said...

Such an adorable letter for your little man. How is Emerson two already? My goodness time just flies by... I can't believe he is getting so big already. Happy Birthday Emerson!

Amy said...

Such a precious letter! Happy Birthday, Emerson! He's so lucky to have you for his Mama!

Laura said...

Precious letter! Happy birthday, Emerson!