Tuesday, January 27, 2015

a happy visit with family

Today I considered not sharing our little weekend and thought about sharing our exciting news from last week ... but this past weekend was pretty wonderful and so I thought I'd write about now while it's still kind of close to the weekend. Closer than tomorrow will be anyhow. But don't worry, I will have some fun news to share with you all tomorrow and I just can't wait! 

This past weekend was a very full yet restful one. Late on Friday afternoon Landon's parents and youngest sister arrived to spend the weekend with us. They came to celebrate Emerson's birthday with us, to see him [because we know they wouldn't come unless he was here], and to find out the gender of baby #2. They brought all their bags in once they got here. Their bags happened to contain birthday gifts for the little mister. The minute he saw the wrapping paper his eyes lit up and he tried opening them. But we made him wait for his daddy to get home. The second Landon walked through the door Emerson ran over to the presents and tried to pull them down so he could open them. He remembers everything. He quickly and happily opened his gifts.  

After his gifts were opened and played with for a little bit we went out for dinner. It was a special treat. Usually we'll eat at the house the night they arrive, but we decided to mix it up and went out for some pizza; it was so good! Emerson ate everything I gave him: salad, breadsticks, pizza crust, applesauce, cheese, clementines ... I was so thankful! Usually I bring some food for him when we go out, but since we decided last minute I only thought to bring two clementines and an apple. Not even a bib. It didn't matter in the end, he ate the whole time and was as happy as could be. 

When we got home it was time for birthday cupcakes! I was so excited about the cupcakes and so was Emerson. He had seen me working on the toppers for them throughout the week and was excited he could finally eat them! It was so fun celebrating his birthday with family and enjoying the evening together. We also told Landon's family the gender of baby #2! They were thrilled [as we thought they would be].

Saturday morning I went grocery shopping by myself while Emerson stayed at home and played with his Gigi, Poppy, and Auntie M. I think we all had a good morning! As soon as I got home his Gigi showed me all the pictures they had taken while I was gone. I love some good documentation :)

That afternoon we watched UK play and cheered them on... Emerson likes cheering for them because he knows everyone makes over it so much. It's pretty cute.

While Emerson napped that afternoon Landon's mom and I went shopping to look for some maternity tops. We found some really cute tops, perfect for Spring. I was super excited to find them and look forward to wearing them. It's nice to have a few more tops added to my maternity wardrobe, especially since I feel like I've been wearing the same ones forever [I haven't, I just wore them all through the last pregnancy so it's nice to have a little bit of new to add to this one]. We found the tops pretty quickly and when we got home I had enough time to lay down and take a little nap before Emerson woke up.

One of Emerson's birthday gifts was a new bed. The day it arrived on our doorstep he has been wanting to and trying to open the box. This weekend we finally put it together and did a little work on his room. It's not completely done, but there isn't too much left to do for baby, so that's nice. We went ahead and did put his bed together and rearranged some furniture this weekend since Landon's dad was here to help with the heavy lifting and such and we weren't sure if he would be back before April to help us. And I wanted it done before then, so it was a win win. Now Emerson has a big bed and he loves it.

I loved that he was able to "help" put his bed together and "help" make it with his new bedding [that he also couldn't wait to open when he saw it come in the mail/reopened it after I wrapped it up for him to open on his birthday] that was also a birthday gift [we're really into practical gifts....]. My hope was that his participation in the making his new bed up would get him really excited about actually sleeping in it. We weren't planning on him transitioning to his new bed for a while, but it's kind of happening right now. Yikes!

Sunday morning we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast of doughnuts and spent the rest of the morning playing, talking, and getting some cleaning done. I had been wanting to tidy up/reorganize Emerson's closet for a while now, so I took advantage of him being entertained by his Gigi and Poppy and really got a lot done. I have more to do, but I'm saving that for another day [and probably another visit from Gigi and Poppy].

It's always hard to see them leave on Sunday afternoon as we enjoy their company. After they left Emerson took a nap and we chilled around the house. It was a great weekend and I'm so thankful for the visit with family we could have.


Amy said...

Sounds like a super weekend! What a little Piggy! I'm so glad he ate so well for you! I'm so anxious for tomorrow. I'm seriously torn. With some of your writing, I think girl & then other times it's a boy. Can't wait!

Jessica said...

I feel just like Amy said above - I'm thinking girl maybe? Another boy would be so fun, but it's great to have one of both too. So excited either way. There does seem to be a wave of baby girls due this spring and summer, so you'd fit right in with a girl!:) Can't WAIT till tomorrow!

Alisha said...

I am like both ladies above... thinking GIRL this time around. Emerson looks adorable in his matching daddy gear! :) Sounds like a wonderful weekend!!