Monday, January 5, 2015

baby bump #2 // some details

Last week I was excited to share our exciting news with you all . . . and now I want to share some of the details and such. When I was pregnant with Emerson I shared tidbits about my pregnancy and I want to do the same with [and for] this little peanut. So here are few little things to start out with.

Sometime towards the beginning of October I started to suspect I was pregnant, but I wanted to wait a few more weeks to take a test to make sure, I also wanted to wait to take a test so that I wouldn't be wasting one, those suckers aren't exactly cheap. But as the days passed the feeling grew stronger and I just knew. The incredibly vivid and realistic dreams I suddenly started having was the first big tip for me. I remember it was the same way with Emerson, before I found out I was pregnant I was having the dreams of all dreams, which somehow made me think I was pregnant. Anyhow, the dreams were the same this time. There was just a feeling. So I went and got a little test and decided to take it sooner than I would have/it says to on the box. It didn't take long for the little plus sign to show up. I was so excited. And home by myself [well, with two babies ... but Landon was at school and we wouldn't see him until later that night] so I danced and cheered all by myself.

It was so hard to not just call him up or text him the happy news. But I wanted to tell him in person so I held my tongue and excitement until later that night. Since I had some time I wanted to do something a little creative to tell Landon the happy news. While Emerson and I were at the store picking up the tests I saw a shirt that said, "Best Big Bro" [or something like that] and because I was so sure there was a tiny peanut growing inside my belly, I bought it. That night when Emerson and I picked Landon up at school I showed him a binder or something I had picked up for him and then I pulled the shirt out of the bag and told him I thought Emerson could use a new shirt. He looked at it and said, "Yeah, that's cute. I like it." So I waved it around a little bit more and said, "Isn't it so cute and perfect?" "Yeah, great," he says. I waved it a tad more and then it clicked for him. "Oh!!!" and we were happy and he was excited and we all cheered and Emerson clapped and danced around in his carseat. And then we went bowling.

The weeks [months] that have followed have been so good. This pregnancy has been completely different than Emerson's. I have felt great the whole time, no nausea, vomiting, cramping, no extreme hunger pains - the I'm-so-hungry-I'm-going-to-die-unless-I-eat-something-right-now kind of pains. The only thing that I've felt was tired, oh so tired. Nearly every afternoon, even if I didn't want to, I would fall asleep: on the couch, on my bed, on the floor of Emerson's room while he played around me [don't worry, he was safe]. And at night after Emerson would go to bed I would usually fall asleep soon afterwards. But apart from the exhaustion I have felt great; such a blessing considering I am chasing two munchkins around the house all day!

We wanted to tell our family in person [at least as many of them as possible] about baby #2 and the soonest we could do that would be Christmas time. We saw Landon's parents and one of his sisters in November and it was so hard not to tell them, but we didn't want to tell them without his other sister being there. So we bit our tongues and I wore a big hoodie while they visited [although looking back, I really wasn't showing much at all when they were here] and decided to wait until Christmas. I told one of my sisters at Thanksgiving and one of my friends a few weeks before that. But other than that, no one knew. It was fun telling everyone, so I'll be sharing how we did that soon.

We feel so very blessed that our little family is growing!


Ashley @ Words About Waverly said...

CONGRATS!!!!! So excited for you & so glad we are going through this together!!!

Jessica said...

You are SO lucky, sweet girl! This time around has been WAY harder for me than my pregnancy with Caleb was, so I am totally jealous that yours has been relatively easy:)

Courtney said...

That's awesome you've been feeling so good!

Natalie | Mrs. Janney | said...

YAY!!! Somehow I missed your post last week, so I was so excited to see this one! Congratulations!!!!

Amy said...

I missed this post. I'm so glad that you are feeling so good this time around..maybe a girl. :) either way, I'm so excited for you!

Lauren said...

so cute! congrats girl! I felt good both times around, and I ended up with 2 girls! can't wait to see all the pregnancy updates!