Wednesday, January 14, 2015

on sharing the baby #2 secret with family

There are a few things I never want to forget about being pregnant, one of which is telling family and friends. So before I forget how we shared our exciting news with family I thought I ought to write it down. You are welcome :)

When I found out I was pregnant in October I obviously told Landon that same day [how can anyone keep that kind of secret from their hubby?!]. After a few days or weeks [or maybe just hours?] we talked about when we would tell our families. We knew that we wanted to tell them when they were together, as much as could be anyhow. We also knew that we wanted to tell them in person if at all possible. With my family it didn't really matter as much, seeing as how they are spread across the world. We knew we wouldn't be able to tell my brothers or parents in person, so it didn't really matter when we told them, but we wanted to be sure to tell them around the same time as we told the rest of the family. As far as my sisters, telling them in person was at least a possibility.

When we visited my sister in Minnesota for Thanksgiving she asked me to run the Turkey Trot with her. I did it last year and it was a fun little thing to do with her. So I figured she might ask me again. She did. So I told her that I really wasn't supposed to get my heart rate up too high [140 or something like that -obviously I'm an exercise fiend ....] and that I just didn't think I should do it this year. Thankfully my sister is pretty bright and caught on right away. And then promptly excused me from running with her in the sub zero temperatures. She was sworn to secrecy [I knew she could keep a secret] until I told the rest of our family at Christmas. It was so nice to tell someone! Apart from her I had only told one of my dearest friends.

We decided to wait until Christmas to share our secret. We knew that we would be able to see Landon's family while they were together, so instead of sharing the news with his parents and one of his sisters when we saw them in November, we waited until both his sisters were there. It was so hard to keep that secret ... but also really fun. I love a good secret!

I thought of a few ways I wanted to/could tell and settled on a calendar. I had made one the previous year of pictures of Emerson throughout the months, so I did the same thing. Only this time, I added an event to the calendar: the baby's due date, and I put a picture in the month of December, that shared the news. And then I waited until we could give it to them...

It just so happened we had been able to stop and see our small group friends before we saw Landon's family. The moment I saw one of my friends, she looked at me and said, "You are pregnant." It wasn't a question. It was a statement. I wasn't even really showing, I was wearing a coat and scarf, and had just walked through the door. "You are pregnant." She was so matter of fact. She's like the pregnancy whisperer lady or something amazing like that. She was right. It was nice to finally tell more people about baby #2. She also told us the gender of our baby. She's been right about all the other babies in our small group. I hope she's right about this one too :)

the picture that was front and center on December's page 

Anyhow... we left our friend's house pretty late that night and drove the hour or so drive to Landon's parent's house. Emerson had fallen asleep in the car and by the time we arrived he just let me hold him and cuddle for a while. We went inside the house with the calendar all wrapped up for his parents to open that night; there was no way I could wait until Christmas Day to share the news. We had Emerson "give" his Gigi and Poppy the non-Chrsitmas gift, as they had requested we get them nothing for Christmas. Landon's mom unwrapped the paper and was so excited to see it was a calendar. She carefully and very slowly flipped through each page, commenting on pictures, oohing and ahhing. You know how grandmas do. She flipped right past the due date, though I wasn't too surprised. The whole time she was flipping through the pages my heart was racing and I was trying to stay calm. It's hard when you know what's coming and they don't. She would look at the pictures, Landon's dad and sisters would look over at the pictures and then at Emerson and talk to him while he was laying on my shoulder. Finally it was December. The picture was there. Big. Center. But there was no recognition of us having another baby. Instead, Landon's mom just oohed and ahhed over the pictures and over the bigger one - his face and dimples .... like grandmas do. She asked if she could get a copy of just that picture. She looked at Emerson, back at the calendar, and talked about how sweet he looked. Then finally [two or three minutes later], after looking back and forth between Emerson and the pictures, she looked back down at the calendar and realized that his stocking said "big brother". And she screamed, jumped, threw her hands to her face, and jumped some more. She got it. When she started screaming and jumping Landon's sisters and dad all looked back at the calendar and it finally registered to them too. At which point they all jumped up and down [well, not his dad] and screamed and yelped, hugged and danced, and carried on. It was pretty fun.

We shared our secret with Landon's mom's sisters by showing them the calendar and they all did the same thing she did. One sister took even longer than the others to realize the significance of the picture, so it was fun she finally did. We gave a desk calendar to the great-grandparents to share the news with them and it was special to watch them as they saw that last picture. I told my parents on FaceTime, and just sent a message of that same picture, they hadn't gotten their calendar yet. It was fun to see their reaction even though we couldn't be there in person with them.

I had wanted so badly to tell my other sister in person, and I could have, I just didn't have the patience to wait any longer to tell her. So I called her and asked if all of her Christmas shopping was done. When she said yes, I asked again, "all of it? For all your nieces and nephews? Are you sure?" At which point she said, "You're pregnant?!" Then she asked me, "Well, is all of your Christmas shopping done? For all of your nieces and nephews?" WHAT?!!?!? She was [is] pregnant too!! Holy cow! She is due six weeks after I am and I couldn't be more thrilled for her! When I was pregnant with Emerson she was pregnant as well, and due four weeks after I was. It was so fun to be be pregnant with her. But unlike me, she never got to hold her sweet little peanut in her arms and had to say good-bye to her tiny angel baby at 20 weeks. So knowing that she is pregnant at the same time as me once again, makes my heart leap with joy. It was heartbreaking that Fall, I'm just so glad the Lord has blessed her and she is going to be a mama again!

Anyhow. That's how we shared our happy little secret. How did you share the news of your little one? Or how did someone share their baby secret with you? I always love to hear!


Kasey Sutgrey said...

I love that idea of using a calendar, I would have been on pins and needles waiting for her to flip to the right month! It is so amazing how some ppl and family and just know you are pregnant without you telling them!

Tiffany said...

I love how you told them! I think it would have been awesome to see that reaction! It's so fun that she is pregnant with you again!

Callie Nicole said...

Aw, what beautiful memories! I love the way you told everyone!

Callie Nicole said...

Aw, what beautiful memories! I love the way you told everyone!

Ashley @ Words About Waverly said...

So much fun - love the calendar idea!!!

Alisha said...

Such a great way to share! LOVE this idea!

Amy said...

That was such a fun way to share with your family. Such great reactions!

Jillian said...

Oh Hannah! I am so happy to hear your sister is pregnant again and praying for a smooth, healthy pregnancy and baby this time around! How exciting that you are pregnant together! Hope you are feeling well!