Tuesday, January 6, 2015

snow fun

It has been cold for quite a while now, and we've had a few snow dustings here and there, but no big snows. Last night, we got some snow. A lot of snow. This morning the ground was covered in a thick blanket of fresh white snow. It looked so inviting and calming. And I couldn't wait until until I could take Emerson out to play in it. 

So after breakfast I bundled him up in some warm clothes, a hat, mittens, snow pants, and boots. Things went fairly smoothly until it was time to put the boots on. But on they went and out we went and then Bee came to play and so I bundled her up too.

She just stood there and he just wanted to run inside [I can't say I blame him too much, it was cold outside]. So I took a few pictures really quickly and then they eagerly waddled inside where we promptly peeled the layers off of them. 

Maybe next time he'll be up for make a snow angel or a snowman? Here's to hoping at least. 

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Amy said...

Aww! I always say it's a win if you stay out longer than what it took you to get ready. :)