Thursday, January 1, 2015

starting the year off with a bang.

Instead of writing and sharing some tid-bits about baby number two today like I thought I would, I am going to tell you about today, aka: the most traumatic day in Emerson's life. aka: starting the new year off with a bang.

While we were finishing lunch this afternoon Emerson was playing in the kitchen like he usually does. He pushed his little shopping cart over to Landon and asked to be pushed in it. Landon obliged and pushed Emerson around the kitchen for a little bit. I was on the verge of observing, out loud, how that was probably not the safest or wisest thing to do, but I didn't ... and then a minute later while Landon was pushing Emerson around and not fully paying attention, Emerson leaned a tiny bit forward and since Landon wasn't prepared or completely paying attention, Emerson fell out of the cart and landed on the floor.

I picked him up the very next second, but it was too late. His precious, perfect, tiny, little, baby chin had hit the tile floor ... and blood was gushing from his gash. I put a towel on it, applied pressure, held him close, oh so close. I did everything I knew to do. And then we looked at it and knew. He would need stitches.

We both felt sick for poor Emerson and Landon felt even worse, knowing if he had just stopped playing a little sooner, or not pushed him in the cart at all it never would have happened. He still feels terrible about it, we both do. But accidents happen.

We grabbed coats, extra damp towels, paper towels, shoes, and we were out the door and on out way to the doctor. He cried and cried and I cried and prayed and Landon drove as fast as he possibly could. After running inside the doctor's office we told the receptionist he needed to be seen right away -it was also pretty obvious as both Emerson and I were covered in blood by this point. Thankfully instead of waiting for the usual [and somewhat expected] twenty minutes, we were called back within minutes and taken straight to the Procedure Room. My poor sweet helpless baby.

A nurse told us what would probably happen and then a doctor came in a few minutes later and confirmed that yes, he would indeed need stitches. They numbed his chin as he watched a show that played in the procedure room. The whole time we waited he lay against me, cuddled up as close as could be. I laid on the operation chair/table and held him close. After he was numb the doctor came in and got ready for the stitches....

He raised the chair/table and laid it back. Emerson laid in my arms the entire time. A nurse was there to help hold him and keep his head still. Not that she even really needed to help in the end; he fell asleep in my arms as he was getting stitches. Who does that?! I'm just thankful he wasn't fighting and screaming the whole time as that would have been so much worse.

And before falling asleep, he just laid there, so still, so calm. My big brave baby boy. I cried just seeing the suture get close to his sweet little face and held him close, holding his hands, patting his arms.

I couldn't be more proud of my couragous little Emerson.

We left with seven stitches, instructions for care, a day to come back, and an exhausted baby boy. We are spending the afternoon cuddled up in bed. And though I hate that he had to go through this I will forever cherish these sweet moments with him.

And that is why this is the most traumatic day in Emerson's little life. And that's also how we started this new year off with a bang. I hope your new year has been much less eventful than ours.

If you think of it, please say a prayer for him as I'm sure he will be in pain tonight and the next few days ... and a prayer for us as we are still so worried about him and shaken up from the afternoon.


Jessica said...

Poor little baby:( I can totally see that very same thing happening in our house, as Caleb has a toy cart, and does like to climb in it. I will definitely be more vigilant from now on, as I can't imagine how hard that must have been to see your poor boy in pain like that:( Hoping Emerson feels better, and doesn't have any pain from the stitches!

Alisha said...

Poor baby! That just breaks my heart! He is such a trooper. Hoping sweet Emerson feels better soon!

Natalie | Mrs. Janney | said...

Poor guy! And poor mom!! Henry get 3 stitches above his eyebrow a few months ago. Let's just say he did NOT fall asleep during the stitches and it took 3 people to hold him down.

I hope his stitches heal quickly. And I'm glad you got some cuddles out of it. :)

kelseylynae said...

What a day! [Note to self: do not let Blythe get in her shopping cart! I'm sure Landon feels terrible but like you said, accidents happen]. This reminded me of my Brother and sister in law- within a month their second daughter broke her arm, their 2 year old son fell on the coffee table and busted his two front teeth out [they just came in this year! he's 8!], and Brent's brother ended up in the hospital with heart trouble! Whew! Hope your little man heals quickly and pain free! You are brave too, mama!

Laura said...

Poor little guy, but what a trooper through the whole thing! God was certainly filling him with His peace!

Jillian said...

Poor thing and poor you all too!! I can't imagine how scary and heartbreaking! Praying he's not in too much pain!

Amy said...

Awww! Poor little buddy. :( How is everyone doing? I can't believe he fell asleep during the procedure. That had to make you feel a little bit more calm, I would suspect.

Danielle said...

Wow, he fell asleep. Sounds like God heard your prayers. Such a brave little boy. I hope he's feeling better now and not in any pain.