Friday, January 16, 2015

tests, plans, and decorations

It's always nice to link up with some lovely ladies on Friday so I can share a few random things. Here goes...

1 / The Big Test 
Today is the day Landon is going to get his test. I mentioned it last week, but this test is one that goes over pretty much everything he studied in his undergrad, masters, and doctorate classes. There are six questions and he has a weekend in which to answer them. He is anticipating lots of long nights, early mornings, and few breaks. This test will officially enroll/allow him to be a PhD student at the university. It's a pretty big deal. He has been studying for months, reviewing notes from past classes, and looking at example exams from the past. He can't wait for Monday to come around so he can turn it in and be done with it! 

2 / Weekend plans 
Because Landon will be occupied with his test for the entirety of the weekend, I have cooked up a few things to help keep Emerson and myself busy. Some of which includes getting ready for his second birthday next week [what?!?!]. It should be a fun weekend. I hope. 

3 / Decorations? 
When it comes to decorating, my talents skill are extremely lacking. I see pictures of houses and rooms in magazines, on Pinterest, and even real life friends houses ... and their decorations/house is fixed up so pretty and perfect. Then I look at my house and well, it's not so much. One room that starting to really drive me bonkers is our living room. It has one big empty wall. Our tv is against that wall, but apart from that, there is nothing to add pizzazz to it. And as we are renting, I don't really want to spend a ton of money on it, seeing as how we'll just be moving in a few years. But it needs help, desperately. So if you have any helpful tips when it comes to decorating a big bland living room wall on the cheap, please share them with me. Thank you in advance. 

4 / Laundry 
This week I stayed on top of our laundry. As in, I didn't let it pile up into a huge mountain. I also didn't let a load sit in the dryer for a few days before folding it and then let it sit in a laundry basket for a few more days before putting it away. I did one load a day and that same load got put away the same day. I just think it's something to be noted since that never seems to happen around here. Maybe next week I'll be just as successful? Here's to hoping. 

5 / Note Cards 
I like to have note cards handy so that I can pull one out, write a little note, and send it on to someone every now and then. Sometimes I like to include a picture [especially if it's a note to grandparents]. This is where it starts to get tricky... all of the note cards I seem to find are all too small to accommodate a 4x6 photo. Do they even make cards that size that you can get in a package? I don't want to have to spend two to three dollars for one card. I like a set of cards. You know? Anyhow, I've been looking everywhere and just haven't had any luck with finding a cute greeting sized card that comes in a little bundle like all of the other blank note/greeting cards do. If you know of a good place to get some bigger sized blank cards as a package, I'd love you forever if you passed that information my way. Again, thank you in advance :) 

So there it is. Things that have been swarming around my mind this week. I hope you all have a refreshing weekend and are able to spend some time with family and friends! 

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Alisha said...

Umm... totally agree with you on the whole cards-not-fitting-photos. Drives me BANANAS! I am always cutting them down, but hate to do that too. they really should make more 5x7 or 4x6 note cards, I would be all over that!

Laura said...

I feel ya on the pregnancy stuffiness. It was awful. I hope you find some relief soon. Have you checked out the DIY invitation aisle at Target? Sometimes those boxes of blank cards for printing invitations are really cute, bigger, and have about 50 in a box.