Wednesday, January 7, 2015

the perfect dress [eShakti]

I just have to say I am so excited about today's post! A week or so before Christmas I was asked by eShakti if I would like to review a piece for them . . . um, yes please!

It took me forever to choose a piece from eShakti, everything was just so pretty and perfect, I wanted them all! I went back and forth between getting a skirt or a dress but in the end I decided to go with a dress and I couldn't love it more. I knew if I got a dress I wouldn't have to worry about what top I would pair with the skirt and I love a good dress. This dress is now my favorite and I want to wear it all. the. time.

One thing I really love about eShakti is that you are able to customize your piece to your liking. I thought it was too good to be true, but it's not - you are able to choose sleeves, neckline, length, and so much more. It's wonderful. It really is a one of a kind dress just for you.

I absolutely love having a beautiful quality piece in my closet that I feel comfortable in and pretty while wearing it. This dress is perfect for the holidays or for the summer; I love that it can work for any time of the year. I also love that it is something that I don't want to change out of right away like so many other dresses I have; it's so comfortable! It is the perfect dress and I love it! I am looking forward to wearing it in the months and years to come -to church, weddings, parties, and just because ... because really, it is the perfect dress.

Right now eShakti is offering 10% off for my all readers, just enter the promo code "mydeliciousadventure" at checkout. This discount will be available until February 2, so go check them out! You won't be sorry!

*I received a dress from eShakti in exchange for my review of their product, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 


Amy said...

How cute are you! Love that dress!

Courtney said...

Nice choice!! I love eshakti! And you're right, it's nearly impossible to choose just one thing!

Susannah said...

Goodness, it really is such a cute dress!!!

Laura said...

What a fun choice! I'll have to check out eShakti. Your dress looks amazing on you. Your shoes are perfect with it!

Alisha said...

You look absolutely adorable!! LOVE your dress pic! So cute!

kelseylynae said...

I want one!