Tuesday, February 17, 2015

a little valentine's day

There is a little mister who likes to go with me everywhere. Before he even had a choice in the matter he was going all kinds of places with me. Now that he is a little bit older and can understand a little bit more, he still chooses to go with me if he can. So when Saturday morning came and I was getting my shoes and coat on to go grocery shopping, he ran over to the coat closet and grabbed a pair of his shoes, sat down on the floor next to me and tried putting them on. He wanted to go grocery shopping with his mama. Naturally I helped him get his little shoes on his feet, put a little fleece on, and then buckled him into his carseat. We were off to the grocery store. 

He could have stayed home with his daddy. They could have played, worked puzzles, tossed balls back and forth, built towers and knocked them down, and run wild around the house. But instead the little mister wanted to come with me. I am constantly reminding myself what a blessing and a joy these days are. He won't always want to go where I do .... so for now, I soak it in and cherish our little trips and days together. Landon decided he could take the morning off and came along too. 

We all helped pile the groceries on the list into the cart and walked around the store for a little bit. Emerson took full advantage of the fact that Landon was there and he went running down the empty aisles with a huge grin on his face while Landon followed behind him. Sometimes they would bring something to put in the cart and other times it was just to say hi. 

After our shopping was finished and the groceries were put away Emerson wandered out to the living room and watched some basketball with Landon. They both seemed perfectly content so I decided that would be the perfect time to whip up a yummy little Valentines treat for them. 

It did not disappoint. In fact, it was raved over more than I imagined it would be -by both boys. While it was cooling off we were upstairs. When I came down after a few hours I found that one of the misters in this house had picked some of the corners off because he simply couldn't wait until lunch time to have a bite. He thought he was being discreet ... but he should know that I notice everything, especially when it comes to things I've baked. Needless to say, he loved it and so did the other mister in the house, thank you, Jess for sharing this recipe!

The rest of our day was quiet, which was nice. Around dinner time we headed to the library to return a few things, then stopped at campus to get some pictures for Landon, and then we braved the freezing cold, biting wind, and young college kiddos [how are college students so much younger these days than they were say, ten-ish years ago?!] and got our buy one get one free dinner at Qudoba. We got the food to go because: 1. there are no high chairs in a college campus food court and 2. it's just easier, quieter, cleaner, and nicer to eat at home.

It was a happy little Valentine's Day on Saturday. I hope yours was too.


Amy said...

Those look yummy!! Glad you had a great day with your boy!

Amy said...

I mean boys!

tina bumblebee said...

Wow that looks soooo delicious!

Laura said...

What a great day! The cookie looks fabulous. I sure hope my little guy still wants to go to the store with me when he has a choice. So special for you!

Lauren said...

what a great day! I definitely miss not taking Elyse to the grocery store...it's just easier right now for me to run out after both girls are in bed!