Friday, February 20, 2015

adding cheer and warmth to your home

On these long, cold, and somewhat lonely days there are a few things I like to do in attempt to bring a little more cheer and warmth into our house [aside from turning the heat up to 80* which is oh so tempting on days like today]. 

candles. My love of candles runs deep. I have a candle lit any change I get. There is just something about a candle that adds a little warmth into a home and makes a house feel more like a home. I try to have a candle lit every evening around the time Landon usually comes home -a little welcome home, be warm and cozy now. 

twinkle lights. I know a lot of people only put out twinkle lights at Christmas time -or in their college dorm room. It's not Christmas right now and I'm not in college any longer, but the twinkle lights are up. I put them up before Christmas last year with plans to never take them down. At first Landon was all, "Aren't you going to take those down? It's March...." But I didn't and he has since grown to like them and appreciate the warm glow they give. 

placemats. Or a tablecloth ... I don't have one for winter months, and am trying to decide if the one I do have for Spring will make an appearance this year or not. Placemats are already kind of tricky with a munchkin running around your kitchen and as much as I love a tablecloth I'm trying to decide if it would be a safe/smart move to put one out. We'll see. Having something on your table, be it placemats or a tablecloth adds that little extra homey touch to your kitchen or dining room. I think it would be so fun to have placemats for each holiday. I'm still working on that... maybe the Valentines ones will still be around tomorrow and on mucho sale? Some seasonally appropriate colors are always a nice little touch.  Add cloth napkins and bam. Your table is basically set. 

What are some things you do to add a little bit of cheer and warmth to your home? 


Jessica said...

I love a lit candle here and there - especially around the kitchen when I'm cooking dinner/we're eating. I do have to be careful about candle placement now with a toddler around now! And twinkle lights are my fave!!! We don't have any up right now, but I am always so sad to take them down after Christmas - we put them up in almost every room!!!:) I'm also a big fan of lamps. I HATE overhead lighting, and never use it. We use lamps instead, and I feel like it adds a lot more ambiance to every room!:)

Lauren said...

I love candles...but I only seem to burn them from October through February! I should really burn them more often.

I have the mesh-type placemats that you can get from Bed, Bath, & Beyond or Pier 1. They can be washed off easily in the sink and I can still have a table that looks nice yearround...even with a toddler!

Sara McCarty said...

I love twinkle lights too! Mac just started complaining about being scared of the shadows in his room (despite having 3 nightlights in there), so I just strung up some twinkle lights for him and he loves it!