Monday, February 2, 2015

baby bump #2 // 21 weeks

... and this is the kind of picture you get when your photographer is gone for the day ... 

Dear Baby boy!

We are one week past the half way mark! It's crazy to think that we are over half way and will get to meet you in less than 20 weeks [probably, most likely]. You have been wiggling around a lot and I love it! This week you are the size of a pomegranate [which by the way is the one fruit that is a little odd to me, I just feel like you can never get a substantial bite of the fruit. Maybe that's just me? Maybe you will like it?]. But you are growing, and that is good! For the most part I am feeling pretty good, apart from wanting to go to bed at eight o'clock every night, though I don't suppose that's a bad thing. And I should probably take advantage of being able to go to bed early and sleeping as much as I can, because I know in a few short months you will be keeping me up all hours of the night!

Right now I am really enjoying yogurt with granola and fresh fruit mixed in. I've always really liked eating this for breakfast or lunch, but lately it's pretty much the only thing that sound good to me, so I eat it up! 

Something that I'm sure you will find so fascinating one day [probably not]: I am expecting some new jeans in the mail. I ordered a two pairs of jeans about a month ago, and they never arrived. So the order was reshipped and then I thought they were a bit too big so I exchanged them for a size smaller ... all by mail, so it takes a little bit longer than just going to the store. I'm hoping that when the jeans do come in they will be the perfect fit! The really exciting part about this whole order debacle thing is that because I had to wait for so long to get the order, when I finally got them and went to exchange them they were having an even bigger sale so I got them for half off! I know! Exciting stuff, I'm glad you care about things like this. But it is pretty exciting getting a pair of Gap jeans for $12.50! So there's that.

This weekend it snowed, a lot. We bundled your big brother up and went to the tiny bump of a hill in our park for some sledding. I was hoping to build a snowman, but it just didn't happen. Maybe the next big snow? I'm sure if we live somewhere cold like we do now, when you are bigger that when it snows you and your big brother will be outside all the time and build bigger snowmen that I ever could. I can't wait to see the day! 

I love you snickerdoodle of mine, and pray for you to keep growing big and strong. You are a blessing and a joy in our lives already and we can't wait to hold you in our arms in a few months. But please stay put until you are ready and big enough. 

Your Mama


Courtney B said...

A BOY! I think I missed that exciting news!! Sweet brothers!!
You look amazing, momma!

Lauren said...

you're looking great! and I hated it when I had to do selfie's for my bump update photos!

Laura said...

You look fab! And yay for cheap jeans! :)