Monday, February 9, 2015

baby bump #2 // 22 weeks

Dear Baby Snickerdoodle, 

I would love to call you by your name these days, but we still don't know what that is! Choosing a name for some one is such a huge decision ... it's something they'll [you'll] be stuck with for their whole life! We want to make sure we give you the perfect name, so until we find that name, you are my little snickerdoodle. There are a few names your daddy and I keep talking about, but he really likes one or two and I'm not the greatest fan of those names, and vise-versa. So, we shall see. There is one name we both really like, and I would love to give you that name. However your daddy's best friend from high school named his little boy that very same name, so we aren't sure what the "rules" are about giving you that name. Your daddy and his friend don't live in the same town [and never will] and we only see them about once a year. So, I feel like it's safe and good and okay to give you that name, but we're still talking that over. What do you think?  

Apart from the name thing, you are still growing!! You are a squirmy little fellow and I love it! I love feeling you kick your little legs or punch your little fists against me. You've gotten so strong I can feel you on the outside of my belly and even your daddy has felt you move a few times. I'm still waiting for you to give your big brother a little punch. Maybe one day soon? Just remember, it's more than okay to give lots of kicks and such right now [and please give all you like], but when you are bigger, hitting is not nice. 

I'm feeling pretty good still, though it's still so hard for me to stay awake past nine o'clock on a given night. It doesn't matter if I'm writing, reading, crocheting, or watching a show. I fall asleep. Yogurt with fruit and granola is still my favorite thing to eat, so I've been enjoying that a lot. I could eat more of it but I'm trying to eat a variety of things so you won't be a picky eater when you grow up. Eh... 

The other night I started working on your afghan! I love that I can work on something that I know you will use one day. It makes me feel like I am actually doing something to get ready for your arrival, especially since I don't have to do a nursery up for you or anything like that. 

I love you so much already and pray you are strong and healthy. Keep growing and moving around in your safe little home.  


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Alisha said...

WOW!! 22 weeks already. Crazy! Names are seriously the hardest thing ever. Before we even got pregnant, I made D and I narrow the names down to 2 boy and 2 girl names because I didn't want "the added stress for the baby" - I don't think I will be THAT crazy the second time around, but picking out names is such a major decision, because like you said before... they have it for their whole lives.

Jessica said...

Your bump is so cute! I think it's really started to pop out over the last couple of weeks, yes? I feel like mine really popped out in the early 20's so maybe that's common with second baby? Can't wait to hear the name when you guys decide!

Amy said...

Looking forward to hearing the little guy's name when you decide!

Laura said...

My best friend and I named our boys the same name. They're about 8 months apart, so we have Big A and Little A! We don't live near each other any more, but even if we had, I don't think it would've changed anything. Good luck!