Monday, February 16, 2015

baby bump #2 //23 weeks

The last few weeks I've written little letters to the baby, I thought I'd do a little status update for the bump this week... 

How Far Along: 23 weeks! 

Size of Baby: A grapefruit! wonder I feel like my belly is so much bigger these days; it's popped! 

Feeling: I'm still feeling pretty good. I still can't get over how different this pregnancy is from the first one. It is so nice to not feel sick. The only 'symptom' apart from a big belly is feeling incredibly tired. Usually I fall asleep shortly after Emerson, wether I want to or not, but apart from that things are good. I'm hoping it stays this way. The other night I was told I fell asleep at 8:45. All I know was I reading some instructions for a new stitch I was working on and then it was 10:00 and I wanted to be in bed but for some reason I was on the couch. 

Cravings/Aversions: I don't feel like there are any real cravings, nothing I have to have right now. Although I am really enjoying yogurt, fruit, and granola and could eat it for every meal and cheese and crackers have been especially tasty lately. I'm still not crazy about Mexican food, but I did manage to eat a smothered burrito the other night for dinner -thank you buy one get one free for Valentine's Day :) 

Clothing: Maternity tops all the time and the same for jeans and pants, unless they're sweat pants or pajama tops or bottoms. 

Gender: Boy! And we're still talking about a name; I think it will be a while yet before an official decision is made. 

Best Moment This Week: Having two days off to spend with my little man and being able to enjoy just him: reading books, playing, cuddling, baking... And having a sweet little weekend with my boys.    

Looking Forward To: Going to the doctor this morning! I love hearing the heartbeat of this little pumpkin. I'm also really excited about seeing my friend Carrie, she's stopping by for a visit, so that's pretty wonderful. 

Thoughts & Prayer: I have started calling you by a name [in my head and thoughts to and of you] that I have come to love, I think it suits you just right, but we're still talking over the names and we don't want to rush into anything and decide before we're sure. I'm not too worried about this, it's just something I like to think about. I know we'll have a name for you when the time comes. I've also been able to work on your blanket a little bit. If I'm able to stay awake long enough to do one row I call it good and keep going until I fall asleep while crocheting ... you think it's can't happen? It can. You are in my thoughts and prayers always, little snickerdoodle. I pray you are healthy and strong and that you keep growing! I also pray that you will grow in the strength of the Lord and always seek and obey Him. You are such a blessing to us already. I love you! 
- Mama


Jessica said...

Happy 23 weeks, sweet girl! Loving that presh bump! I'm so glad you haven't been sick this time around - the sickness is truly the worst. Being tired is hard too, but I'm glad you're at least able to sleep. Insomnia has hit me full force this time and it's rough:(

Amy said...

You are adorable!

I love your top! Have a wonderful appointment today!

tina bumblebee said...

Aww picking a name is so fun! (And scary!) I love your top!

Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

You look great! The name will come haha. I thought we'd never land on a girl name for Aria. I don't think we could disagree more on names, thank goodness we finally found one we both loved.

Lauren said...

you look great! And I can't wait to here the name...I'm sure it will be perfect for your new little mr.!