Monday, February 23, 2015

baby bump #2 // 24 weeks

Dear Baby Boy, 

This week I am feeling pretty good, though still tired. Apparently I look just about as tired as I feel because after church we were talking to some new friends and one of them asked how I was feeling, I told her, "Pretty good. Not sick, so that's nice." Then she said, "Tired?" to which I agreed and then we talked about how she was so tired with her second pregnancy and how it's about all I can do to keep my eyes open .... [I was really struggling to keep them open during the service. It was bad]. As we walked off I heard her say to another girl that we were talking to, "Oh, she looks so tired..." or something along those lines. What can you do? Occasionally I'll have terrible leg cramps that last for hours and I can only be comfortable if I sit one way. I remember having this when I was pregnant last time and my assistant principal told me to eat a banana. I took her advice and after that I ate a banana a day and the leg troubles stopped. Even though I'm eating bananas every day I feel like I'm still getting cramps here and there. Whole leg, won't go away cramps. Maybe it's because I'm eating the banana in my yogurt and not just as a banana? Eh... 

You're growing so much these days, so I'm sure that plays a part in why I feel [and look] so tired; you are the size of a cantaloupe! So big! And to think you will only get bigger and bigger! Sometimes I feel like my belly is huge and wonder how it can stretch any further; but I know it can ... and it will! But that's a good thing because it means you, little one, are growing! Keep it up! 

On Saturday we played in the snow with your big brother and "helped" Daddy shovel the driveway. You have a good daddy, you'll learn that on your own one day, but it's true. That afternoon we went shopping for some fabric, just the two of us, and spent much longer than we should have picking out the pieces for some projects. You didn't seem to mind though. 

There is snow everywhere here and the temperatures are frigid. I cannot wait for Spring to come so we can go on walks and play at the park. I miss the outside... I'm sure Spring will be here before too long though so I'm trying to enjoy the rest of this season. 

We are so looking forward to meeting you and holding you in our arms. Not too much longer. Until that day comes [and please wait a few more months before you make your arrival because I want you safe for as long as possible], I pray that you continue to grow and develop and stay healthy. You are just a blessing and it is fun to already watch your big brother talk about you and try to pat you. ha. You will be coming home to a house full of loving arms, that's for sure. I love you little snickerdoodle of mine. 

-Your Mama 

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Jessica said...

I'm sorry about the leg cramps, Mama! Not sure if there is any solution for that, unfortunately:( And being tired? Well, I can TOTALLY understand that. My insomnia just seems to get worse and worse. It seems like I am up all night lately...And then so tired all day. But as soon as my head hits the pillow, I am wide awake! So annoying! Do you feel bigger this time around? I do for sure! I feel like my belly is HUGE! And I still have over 9 weeks to go. Eeek! I'm scared I might be having a really big girl!!!!

Ashley @ Words About Waverly said...

That belly, so cute!!! I know the tired feeling, second time around is no joke!!! Good thing these cuties are well worth it!

Lauren said...

you look so adorable...but oh the tiredness of the second pregnancy! It certainly doesn't help when you're trying to keep up with a rambunctious toddler!

Laura said...

Oh, I remember the leg cramps! I had an ugly potassium deficiency while pregnant. Bananas weren't enough. We switch to potassium instead of salt in our food, and I started taking my husbands Salt Stick supplements (found on Amazon) that he uses during his cycling races. What a difference that made! Hang in there!!

Amy said...

I can't believe you are more than half way already! I feel like you just announced that you were expecting! I'm so sorry to hear about the leg cramps. :( I have so solutions or advice. Does having your legs raised seem to help?