Friday, February 13, 2015

days off, coffee, cards, and sleep

Happy Valentine's Day [tomorrow]! I always enjoy these Fridays for sharing whatever five things I'm thinking about and such so I'm joining in the fun again today.

- one - This week I had two whole glorious days off. Emerson and I enjoyed spending the day together, doing a little of this and a little of that and pretty much whatever we felt like. It was so nice to be able to think, "Huh, I have a few errands I need to run... and I can do them right now because I'm not babysitting right now!" We took advantage of being able to get out of the house while Bee was sick: a trip [or two] to Target, making Valentine's Day cards, building block towers, reading, and going to the library ... to name a few things. They were really simple but really refreshing and lovely days.

- two - Last Christmas I was given a gift card to Starbucks and another one this Christmas, I had only used one of the cards one time. Apparently I used to be able to visit Starbucks a lot more frequently than I am able to now. While we were out and abut these past two days I figured I might as well take advantage of an already good thing and I stopped by for a hot drink. I don't know how people do it every day [financially], but I can't say I blame them ... and it kind of makes me like them more. I'll stick with my random visits with the help of a gift card for now though.

- three - Last week I mentioned the possibility of me going to a women's retreat/mom's conference, Hearts at Home and so many of you encouraged me to go! It was just the little push I needed I suppose because I signed up for it. I'm more excited about going now than I was before I bought the tickets, but it is something I am looking forward to very much. I decided to ride up on Saturday morning for a few different reasons, one of the biggest reasons was because I knew the mom going on Saturday lives in my neighborhood. I've only talked to her a twice, but she seems nice and I thought it would be a good opportunity to get to know her better. As I was talking to her about driving up together she told me another mom from our neighborhood was going with her too. So now I'm even more excited at the possibility of these potential new friendships.

- four  - A few weeks ago I mentioned I was on the look out for some cute blank notecards/stationary that was bigger than the average 3x5ish size card that is usually available. I wanted cards that I could fit pictures inside if I wanted to send a few. After looking and looking I finally found some. They are fun little cards and the perfect size for those pictures! These guys will last me a loooong time.

- five -  After Emerson has been going down for bed at night I've gone downstairs to sit with Landon [or by myself if he's off working] and to work on baby boy's blanket. For the life of me I cannot stay awake to get it or anything else done. I'll try reading, watching a show, writing emails, planning meals and such, nothing can keep me awake past nine o'clock. I'm a little fearful this sweet little boy won't get a blankie to cuddle with [at least one made by me] before he turns 18. Sorry peanut, I'm really trying.

I hope you all have a very happy, fun, and sweet Valentine's Day tomorrow!

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Laura said...

One of my favorite 'extras' of being a teacher is all of the SB gift cards I get throughout each school year. I can't remember paying for a SB in ages. I don't drink coffee, but I enjoy their hot and cold teas and snacks, so I save those gift cards for special days! Enjoy that retreat. It sounds like a wonderful experience!