Thursday, February 5, 2015

kisses and nap time

The other morning Emerson was playing as he usually does. Picking different toys, choosing different books, and having a merry time. Then he did something that I never want to forget. 

He grabbed Pooh Bear off of his bed and laid him down on the floor. He kissed his little black nose, covered him up with his favorite blanket, then laid down beside him and gave him pats.

I'm not sure how long he played nap time with Pooh Bear, but I loved watching every single second of it. At one point he decided Clarence the horse needed to be a part of nap time too and pulled him over to where he and Pooh were napping.

Moments like these are ones I never want to forget and they are ones I am so thankful I get to see. What a blessing, and challenge, it is to be a mama. What a beautiful gift.


Susannah said...

Oh goodness! That is far too precious!

tina bumblebee said...

Definition of heart warming. What a wonderful moment :)