Thursday, February 12, 2015

oh sweet, Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a sweet little holiday and will be here soon. I've never been one to love or hate Valentine's Day, I've always looked at it as a fun and sweet little day. I have friends who hate Valentine's Day with passion and share their feelings every chance they get. Then there are friends who love the day and make a huge deal out of it. I fall in the middle, if there can be a middle. It's just a fun holiday and it brings some happy cheer into the dreary winter months.

I would love to decorate my house for Valentine's Day, have hearts up here and there, red, pink, and white sweet decor sprinkled throughout my house. But because I'm cheap, and because we're renting, and also because we don't have money to spend on that kind of thing, I enjoy the Valentine's section at the stores when I go shopping. I think it's a win win for me and my hubby and our budget.

We never do anything really big for Valentine's Day, we've gone to Qudoba the past few years because we've been able to either get one or both of our meals there for free. I think they're having a buy one get one free this Valentine's Day too... if you're on the look out for a uber romantic dinner. You're welcome ;) It suits us and we have fun.

We also don't go all crazy on the whole gift giving side of things either. A card, some candy, socks, a book, whatever... We keep it simple. Since we don't eat a lot of candy, Landon especially, candy was out this year as his gift.

So this morning Emerson and I went out to use a coupon that was getting ready to expire and too good not to use and also because Bee is still sick. We walked around the aisles and looked at all of the pretty things. He was being a really good little shopping buddy this morning so I took full advantage of that and around we walked, I even tried a few things on. Anyhow, I asked him what he wanted to get Landon for Valentine's Day and he told me socks. Probably he thought socks would be a good idea since we were looking at socks when I asked him ... in the women's department ... but he kept saying socks for daddy. So we went and picked out some non pink or polkadot socks for Landon. While we were doing that an older man [a grandpa age man] was also looking for socks or something. He overheard Emerson saying over and over how the socks were for daddy and me telling him how we had to wait to give them to daddy. I know he overheard us because he said, "This is priceless. This age is the sweetest," or something along those lines and went on to tell me how he had two grandchildren and how they had stolen his heart and these were some of the best days.

His comment got me to thinking about just how sweet and numbered these days are. Before too long Emerson will be thinking about getting Valentine's for a girl instead of his daddy. But today, today he was so excited about the socks and long johns that we picked out for him. Yes, socks and long johns for a Valentine's Day gift - y'all it is cold here and oh so windy [I really felt like that y'all was necessary to get across just how cold it is for some reason] and Landon walks around campus every day in the freezing wind. He has a few pairs of long johns, but most days he's asking me if I've done laundry [which lately I have!] and where they are... and somehow they are always dirty because he wears them every day. So I knew he would love his present because well, it's practical and it was on clearance!

I love that we can celebrate Valentine's Day with little gestures, free food, homemade cards, and practical gifts. And really, who doesn't love socks? One year we had dinner somewhere in the mall and walked around for a little bit afterwards. We wandered into the Hallmark store and picked cards out for each other. After reading our cards we put them back and walked out of the store. Thoughtful, yet cheap. It can be done :)  What do you do for Valentine's Day? Something special? Romantic? Simple? Sweet? Go all out? Nothing? All of the things?


Jessica said...

I love that story about Emerson and the socks. Too sweet. This really is the best time. Sometimes I have to remind myself of this, like today, when I rushed out of the grocery store with my screaming toddler. But then he'll do the most precious thing - like come up to me just to hold my hand (which he is doing right now) - and I remember that these days are so numbered.

And I totally understand the whole budget thing, sweet girl. We rent too and although I'd love to go all out with decor, I just can't spend the money to do it. We will probably do cards and candy for gifts this year, and Caleb will be getting a book and that's about it! And that's a-ok with me:)

Laynah said...

We keep our day simple too, and I enjoy it so much more :) Happy Valentines Day

Lauren said...

so precious! we made cookies for Valentine's Day & then I ordered up some chocolate covered strawberries...nothing fancy, but still something to remember the day!

The budget battle rages on in my head all the time!