Wednesday, February 18, 2015

projects on my mind

Over the past few weeks one of my sweet friends and I have been sharing thoughts and ideas about sewing projects. She started it all when she sent me an email with some of her new ideas and potential projects she would like to make. Reading about her sewing excitement and the projects that she was going to be working on got me all excited about having a project. I don't really have anything to get ready for the baby's room since he'll just be sleeping in Emerson's room, but it is always fun to have a little project to work on. I have the afghan for the baby that I'm working on but apart from that nothing much to keep me busy or give me something to think about/look forward to. And sewing is so much faster than crocheting a baby blanket. So, it's not going to hurt to have more than one project going at a time.

I've found a few patterns that I love and am planning to make in the near future. One of them my friend sent me and ever since I saw it I've been thinking of how Emerson needs it ... and me too, and maybe the baby too. One of the main reasons I really want to make this bag for Emerson is in case he needs to go spend the day [or night] our friend's house when the baby comes. Family will be coming to visit and to stay with him when the baby is born, but if for some reason the baby comes before they do, Emerson will be ready to go. Also, it would be nice for travel and whatnot.

found here

Another bag I've been thinking about making is one that seems the perfect size and has all the pockets I could possibly want. I'm hoping I can actually find fabric that I like and that it turns out just as cute... we shall see.

found here

I've also been thinking about making a few smaller zip bags, like cosmetic bags. Little bags like those come in handy all the time and they seem like a fun little project. 

found here

So there's the fun I plan on having over the next few weeks months. Emerson was pretty excited when I was talking about making him a bag for clothes and socks and such. He asked if it could have mooses [plural for moose?] on it, when I told him we would look for some moose fabric he did a cheer. Here's to hoping he's not disappointed and that we actually find some cute moose fabric. 

Do you sew? Have you made any fun little projects lately? Do you have aspirations for sewing something? What kind of projects do you have planned or hope to do in the coming months? 

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Jessica said...

I SO wish I could sew! There are so many things I'd like to make!!! I'd love to see how your adventures in sewing go!:)