Tuesday, February 24, 2015

snow play day

Friday afternoon I heard a little rumor that we were supposed to get snow, lots of snow. Not two feet or anything crazy like that [I'm sure some of you have gotten that much though], but a big snow just the same. Supposedly the snow storm was going to start Friday and go all day Saturday. Since I usually get groceries on Saturday morning it was decided that just in case we couldn't get out we would get them that night. So after the munchkin was asleep the hubby went out for food. 

The following morning we woke up to a winter wonderland with snow continuing to fall. We thought we'd be stuck inside all day for sure, and possibly even the following day. Our reasoning: the city is terrible about cleaning the roads here. Like, they just don't clear them. That or they wait five days and then start clearing them.

However, much to our surprise when we went out to play in the snow/shovel the driveway we were shocked to see a cleared road -in our neighborhood. They don't do that. We talked to a neighbor who was retuning from the store and she said that the roads, the main ones especially were good.

Crazy city town with it's unpredictable snow clearing ways.  

It didn't change most of our day. Emerson and I "helped" shovel the drive... yeah, I didn't even attempt to help, I just hung around in the snow. I tried to make a snowman for Emerson, but the snow was too fluffy. We did make a little snowball and he thought it was the funniest thing to throw it at his daddy. We spent the rest of the day playing inside, working puzzles, coloring pictures, building towers. You know, the fun stuff.

I did manage to sneak out for a trip to the store while the little guy napped. And even though my 'quick' trip turned into not so much of a quick trip, I still managed to somehow get back home before he woke up.

his first snowball! 

All in all it was a fun little snow day. Though I will say, I am so ready for Spring to get here! 

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tina bumblebee said...

Your neighborhood looks SO beautiful from these photos! Thankfully in NJ they are super super good about clearing the streets asap and everyone that lives here does the sidewalks immediately too, like while it is still snowing. I was in Ohio recently for a week and it snowed the entire time and zero plows came through... and zero people shoveled. CRAZY! Apparently people aren't afraid of the lawsuits as much as NJ is haha. I'm happy you guys got to enjoy the snow!