Tuesday, February 10, 2015

the missing top coat

This past weekend I found a pretty new nail polish and somehow ended up buying it. Usually I talk myself out of purchases like those, but I had a gift card and a coupon so I figured, why not? After coming home with my new little purchase I was looking forward to painting my nails that night after the munchkin went to sleep.

So, after dinner, bath time, bedtime stories, and cleaning up the kitchen I went upstairs to get the nail polish and the top coat I've come to like. I feel like it helps the nail polish stay on for days longer than it usually does, and I'm not going to sit around and paint my nails if it's only going to stay on for a day or two. The last few times I've used it the polish didn't chip for five days or something crazy like that and even when it did start to chip it still looked fine and I pulled off a week of pretty nails. Snap.

However, when I went to get the top coat nail polish, it was nowhere to be found. It wasn't where I last put it [although, in reality I'm sure it probably is...] and it wasn't in my little bag of nail polish things. I looked big and low. I looked in every basket, bag, and bucket. Every drawer, closet, and cupboard. It was nowhere. This was very distressing to me for some reason so I ended up not painting my nails and eating a box of cookies. Okay, not really the cookie part, though I would have if I could have.

Three days later, I still can't find the nail polish. It's a mystery. I'm sure when we pack up our house to move in a few years I'll find it in that little spot, that perfectly logical spot, that spot where I last put it [but can't remember]. Eh... such is life.


Jessica said...

I have had WAY too many moments like this lately. I feel like I am losing my mind. I know that there is logic behind most of the things that I do - but it's figuring out that logic that escapes me sometimes, lol! I have to make sure that I immediately hang my keys upon arriving home, and place them in the same purse pocket when we are out and about. Otherwise, I am SURE that my keys would be long gone by now, lol!!! Same with my wallet.

Lauren said...

oh girl...there will be plenty of these moments as a momma of 2! ha!

And I love that new polish, I may need to add it to my shopping cart next time I'm out!

Susannah said...

Uh oh! I hope you find it soon! Those moments are the worst!

Susannah said...

Uh oh! I hope you find it soon! Those moments are the worst!

Alisha said...

Love that color. Moments like that are the WORST. They are happening more and more as I get older, which is not looking good for my future. lol!