Tuesday, March 31, 2015

a quiet weekend.

This weekend was pretty chill. Though, Landon was able to take a little bit of a break from his studying so we could go shopping together. He had some Christmas and Birthday money that he wanted to use towards a few new things for himself, which is rare, so we went to the outlet mall not far from our house on Friday morning and spent some time looking around and even making a few purchases. He got the things he had been looking for and Emerson got some church clothes for this Spring and Summer. I got a free body wash from Bath & Body Works [oh, how I love those coupons!]. It was a nice little morning out with the boys and productive, which is always nice when going out shopping for/with a purpose. One of the things I picked out for Emerson was an outfit for Easter; I knew it was getting close to Easter but when I looked at the calendar I realized it was really close! I had looked online at a few places and in Target one afternoon, but to no avail. Thankfully I found a cute little outfit for him and he approved it [and even picked it out], so hopefully that means we'll get lots of wear out of it this season.

Saturday morning I went grocery shopping to stock up on things for the coming week. I always go super early in the morning so I can beat the crowds, which makes shopping a little more bearable. After I got home we spent most of the days reading books and playing. I can't wait until all of the days are nice enough to go play outside, but until that day comes, we will play inside and I'll continue to try and make the little man happy.

In addition to going shopping we watched lots of basketball. Landon even more than me. If a game was being played, it was on. Even though we don't have cable, that man has figured out ways to get every game so he is sure not to miss one. Of course we were cheering for and mainly watching for Kentucky, but you know ... we have to watch the potential competition :) I think March is the perfect birthday month for Landon, he loves basketball, so it's pretty much the life of getting to watch all the basketball you want all through your birthday month and even on your birthday. I'm not as big of a fan as he is, but over the years he has pulled me in and I cheer for the Cats with him. We are nervous for the upcoming game! But are glad to be able to watch another UK game this season...

And now that I've been talking about basketball for nearly a whole paragraph, it's obviously time for me to get going. There are other things in life.

Anyhow. It was a quiet little weekend and one that I didn't want to see come to an end. But as they say, all good things do.

Monday, March 30, 2015

baby bump #2 // 29 weeks

How Far Along: 29 weeks! 

Size of Baby: An acorn squash: 2.5 - 3.8 pounds! 

Feeling: I'm still feeling pretty good. Occasionally I'll have a few little cramps, but I'm thinking that's because the baby is growing so much these days, and they never last for long. The energy that I have been lacking for the past few months seems to be reappearing, at least for a little bit. I've been able to stay up later than I have in a while and watch some of the late night basketball games with Landon, which is nice. Though, I think the tired spells come and go because some afternoons all I'll want to do is sleep, and then the next day I'm fine or that same night even I'm able to stay up a little later because I'm not too sleepy. But in general, I feel good and really can't complain. 

Cravings/Aversions: Granny Smith apples have been sounding amazing to me. Those and sparkling flavored water. I always drink water and will very rarely drink something different. But this week while I was grocery shopping I saw a bottle of strawberry kiwi sparkling water [on sale] and I had to have it. I wish I would have gotten more of them because it was amazing and now it's gone and that mades me sad. 

Clothing: Still the same: maternity pants and tops. At night I stretch my old pajama shirt as much as I can to fit over my belly, but it's getting harder to do that these days. I'm really trying to wear what I have maternity wise and not buy any other maternity tops, since I know I only have a few more months to go. But, we'll see. The weather has been getting a tiny bit nicer and teasing us with the sun poking out from behind the clouds so I know before too long [hopefully] my long sleeve shirts will be too warm to wear. I'm pretty sure I can make it the rest of the time with the same old clothes I'm wearing now though. 

Gender: Baby boy! 

Best Moment This Week: Spending lots of time with family and seeing some friends. Having a whole week off was amazing and I loved every single minute of it! Being at home with just Emerson and even having some time with a non-studying Landon. Basically the whole week was wonderful and I would love to have every week be just like last week.     

Looking Forward To: This upcoming weekend is a long weekend, thanks to Easter, so I'll have Friday and Monday off, which makes my heart happy. ...it would be nice if it could be another week or two away from this one since we just had Spring Break, but I'm not going to complain, they are days off! 

Thoughts & Prayer: There is so much to do to get ready for you! I feel like all of the sudden it's hit me that you are going to be here in 11 weeks [or less] and I have realized that I'm really only thought about doing most of the things I need to to prepare for your arrival. I really need to do them. Get diapers, wash clothes, fix your bed, do some rearranging in your soon to be shared bedroom, buy some baby things that we need new for you, get a baby book for you [and finish filling out your big brother's baby book!]. Lots of things. Thankfully I do still have some time before it all needs to get done, and I'm sure it will get finished by when it needs to be. Including choosing your name :) 

I love you little bean, and I pray that you are safe and healthy. You are a blessing to us already and I know that we will love you so much more after you get here. Keep growing!  
- Mama 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

one year and beyond link up : an announcement

 We're back! Starting Thursday, the 2nd of April, I will be teaming up with four amazing mamas to bring back  to you the "One year and beyond" Link up.

  In this link up we want to share with you what we've found that has worked for us as new mamas to toddlers. Because we're experts  after being moms for a few years or so, right? Not really, but we have some experience and want to share what we've learned and we'd love to learn from you, too!

               Here's our Hosts for this round!

Here are the topics we will be talking about this Month!

April 2nd. Spring activities and craft ideas for toddlers.

April 9th.  How  you keep your toddler occupied while grocery shopping.

April 15th.  Potty Training.

April 22. Favorite Spring activities.

April 29th Clothes shopping for your toddler. (Where do you get the best deals, where do you shop, how do you save money) etc

Friday, March 27, 2015

socks, slippers, and spring things

one. socks. I love socks. It might be a little problem. If I'm out and I see a cute pair of socks on clearance for seventy-five cents, you can bettcha I'm probably going to get them, even if I already have a drawer full of socks. The way I look at it, if I have to wear socks all fall and winter long, I might as well be putting some cute ones on my feet. It's happy to have fun socks to wear when you want to add a little happy to your life. How can a pair of happy socks not make you smile? They can't I was wearing one of my favorite paris a while back and one of Landon's friends noticed my little gnome socks, smiled, and commented on them. A guy would could care less about socks. I'm telling you, socks are awesome.

two. slippers. In addition to my love of socks, I also love a good pair of slippers. I've had a few favorite pairs in the past, but slippers don't have long lives when they are with me; I wear them out. There was one pair of slippers I had that lasted me two or three years, they were from LL Bean I think, and I loved them. But then they got old and worn and were falling apart. I should probably go for the the nicer more expensive pair of slippers when I buy them, but that just doesn't always happen. I got a new pair around Christmas and they just weren't doing it for me. I wasn't on the look out of a new pair of slippers but . . .  the other day [the same day I stumbled across a pair of super cute socks I mentioned above] I also happened to find a very comfy and soft looking pair of slippers for three dollars. What?! So I got them and my feet couldn't be happier. There is just something about having a good slipper. You know?

the above mentioned socks and slippers :) 

three. registering. A few weeks ago I got a coupon from Target for a free $20 gift card if/when I start a new registry. I wasn't planning on registering this time around, but who am I to turn down free money?  So for a few weeks that had been something I'd been meaning to do, but just hadn't gotten around to actually doing. Then they other day I looked at the coupon and saw that it had just expired! Ah! I quickly made a registry and then went to the store and begged them to please still honor the coupon even though it had expired. They did! Another reason why I love that store. Plus, I do need the things I put on the registry, so it will be nice to have that gift card and the completion coupon they send you towards the end of your pregnancy.

four. spring break. It's been such a good break, I'm sad to see the end of it. I really don't think I can go back to working and chasing two speedy little people around the house all day. I like these quiet days where I can at least get a few things done and enjoy my little helper running around.

five. spring clothes. The weather is still on the cooler side around here. So much cooler that it snowed this morning. But I know that we are almost to the pretty Spring days. And with Spring comes the need for warmer/cooler clothes [depending on how you look at it]. I won't be getting much for me, but I am on the look out for some cheap clothes for the little guy, he's growing and the seasons are changing so the timing is good to get new clothes for him. I looked online for some options for him, but wasn't impressed with what I saw, but then I actually went into a few stores and I wanted to buy him all of the things. I can't, and I didn't, get him all of the things, but it was so hard not to get a few more shirts and shorts for this summer. Though, after looking through his selection of clothes for this spring and summer I know I'm going to have to get him a few more things. Why do all of the clothes have to be so cute?

all found at Carters

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I hope you all have a nice weekend and are able to enjoy some warmer weather!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

cows, pigs, sheep, tractors, and family [a visit]

This past weekend we drove to Kentucky to visit some family because we had some days off from school and work [though Landon is always working, so it wasn't much a a break for him]. We were able to celebrate his birthday and his grandma's birthday while we were in and from the way gifts were being given, you would have thought Emerson was having a birthday too. 

On Sunday afternoon and evening most of Landon's family stopped by his parent's house at one point or another so we saw all of the grandparents and almost all of the aunts and uncles and a few cousins as well. It was nice to be able to see Landon's family and they of course loved seeing and loving on Emerson.

It was a brisk day but we still played outside a little bit when the temperatures were a little more bearable. Emerson would have loved to stay outside the whole day, but that just didn't happen. Though we were able to spend plenty of time outside the next day at the zoo and a day or so later when the weather was actually nice.

I'm pretty sure, even though we were celebrating Landon's birthday, Emerson was given more gifts. Ha. That boy is not deprived of love or attention at all.

On Monday while Landon's parents were at work and his sisters were in class, we went to the zoo and saw my sister and her kids. The next day we got to visit some less exotic animals and go see the newborn calves at Landon's grandpa's farm. One of his cows had just birthed twin calves! We went to visit them for a little bit and let Emerson pet them if he wanted to. He was more into talking about petting them than actually petting them, but he loved seeing the baby cows and did not want to leave. They were the sweetest little calves and oh so soft.

After we pet the baby cows we went to Landon's grandpa's other farm, the one he lives on, and Emerson got to ride on his Papaw's four wheeler and tractor. Landon's whole family had been talking about how Emerson should go on a four wheeler with his Papaw and how fun it would be and to ride the tractor too. All the while I was thinking, "No, a four wheeler and tractor are not safe for little munchkins to ride on." When we got there the for wheeler and tractor turned out to be completely different from what I was thinking of. In my mind when I hear the word four wheeler I think of well, a four wheeler [like the one below].

I don't think of a mini truck/golf cart type thing, which is what his Papaw had. Maybe you are braver than I am and would have let your toddler ride on the regular type four wheeler, and for that you are amazing. But I am not willing to let my little man ride on one of those quite yet. I know the day will come all too soon when he goes of driving one on his own, but I will hold off on that day for as long as possible. The four wheeler that Landon's grandpa had was seemed safer to me, so the boys went for a little ride and saw some cows in the field. Emerson's day was made.

And after that drive, Papaw got out his tractor [again, I was thinking the tractor would be much different than it actually was] and the boys went for a little ride in the big green tractor. When the tractor ride was over Emerson just kept saying, "gin, gin, gin," for "again" and signing "more" with his hands. His day was really made.

I love that little face up in the tractor!  

Landon's grandpa is so sweet and loves Emerson so much. I'm pretty sure his smile was just as big if not bigger than Emerson's when he took him out on his four wheeler and tractor. He even let Emerson take the wheel and drive the tractor. I'm pretty sure that was one of his favorite tractor rides.

Because seeing cows isn't enough, the next day we went to see some sheep and pigs. There's a family in Landon's town who raises sheep and are known around the country for their sheep, they're big time breeders and have been for decades. Anyhow, we got to go see some of the little lambs and little piglets they had at their farm. Two little cousins even came over to sheep watch with us.

Even still Emerson is talking about the tractor, Papaw, piggies, sheep, and cows. Our short visit with family was a nice little break and was filled with lots to do but at the same time plenty of rest. Shoot, one afternoon I took a two hour long nap and watched some Food Network and HGTV. That never happens. Mostly because I do stuff around the house while Emerson naps and also because we don't have cable. We were glad we were able to visit some family, but as always, it is nice to be home. I'm especially enjoying being at home and enjoying the days with just one little munchkin running around. It's much easier to get things done with only one "helper", I don't even want to think about what this Fall will look like when there will be three! . . . crazy!

Anyhow. I hope you are enjoying your Thursday!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

a trip to the zoo

On Monday we went the zoo and saw one of my sisters and her kids. It was Emerson's first time going to the zoo and we were excited to take him to see all the animals. The morning was a little bit on the cool side but it was perfect for walking around the zoo. And the cooler temperatures kept the crowds away so we didn't have crowds of people to walk though. 

There were a lot of animals to see and we didn't get to see all of them, but it was fun to walk around, let Emerson run free in a new place, and see my sister.

For most of the animals Emerson would see them and be ready to move on to the next bunch of animals or exhibit. He stuck around a little bit longer for the flamingos, the fish, and the bears. But once he was done, he was done.

One of the flamingos was pretty funny to watch, he kept moving his head from side to side. He'd look one way, then the other, and then right back the other way. Over and over. I guess he just wanted to see everything. Emerson kept wanting to and trying to pet the flamingos. He wanted to pet other animals too. But when given the opportunity to pet a lizard like creature he said, "no." Smart kid. 

He walked nearly the whole time we were at the zoo and by the time came close for us to leave he was worn out. Landon carried him for a little bit while he slept, but before too long he took a little nap in the stroller while we finished looking a a few animals and walked out of the park.

The drive back to the house was shorter than his usual nap time, but there was no keeping that boy awake. And thankfully he did sleep the whole time we were in the car so he was able to have a somewhat substantial nap. But when we got back to the house he was ready to go!

It was a fun little visit to the zoo and I'm glad my sister was able to come down to see us for a little bit. And I'm glad that Emerson was able to see a bunch of the animals he reads about all of the time. It was a nice to do something a little bit different during the day.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

baby bump #2 // 28 weeks

Yesterday we went on a little trip to the zoo and Emerson napped on the way home so once we got back there was no opportunity to share the baby bump for this week. I'll share more about our zoo trip another day, but I do want to to share a little baby bump though, so here it is, one day late . . . 

How Far Along: 28 weeks! 

Size of Baby: An eggplant. And it feels like it!

Feeling: I'm still feeling pretty good and I really can't complain about anything. Sometimes I'll feel pretty tired or will have a sharp pain in my leg, or my lower back will hurt a little bit. But in general I feel good and am so thankful! Sleeping is getting a little more uncomfortable. I start out on one side but then after a while the side I'm laying on will start hurting so I'll flip over and pretty much that's how the whole night goes. Lots of feeling sore and flipping. But I'm still able to sleep so that's good at least.  

Cravings/Aversions: There aren't many things that I feel like I'm craving. I pretty much eat the same as always. Some of my favorites include fruit, yogurt, granola, cheese and crackers, and sweets. But that's nothing new. 

Clothing: Pretty much all maternity clothes for what I wear around in the day: jeans and t-shirts. Cardigans, jackets, and pajamas are all still the regular stuff -without being buttoned or zipped up. 

Gender: Boy! 

Best Moment This Week: Seeing and hearing baby at the doctor's appointment on Friday. Baby is much bigger than last time and his face even looks a little chubby.   

Looking Forward To: Spring Break Week! So, this week. And not having anything I have to do and just spending time with my little man. 

Thoughts & Prayer: I get to see you again in another ultrasound, so that will be fun and something to look forward to. They checked the low lying placenta and it hadn't moved at all from the last appointment. It took them a long time to find what they were looking for, thankfully I had just seen baby wiggling around and could still feel him, but after it took so long for them to find it I figured it wasn't good. It wasn't. So in six weeks I'll get to see your little face again and they're even going to measure you! My doctor doesn't seem at all concerned about the placenta not moving, and is confident that it will move within the next six weeks. I'm not too worried about it, but I guess we'll find out. I found out that I passed the glucose test yesterday too. So I'm pretty happy about that. I thought for sure I would get some not so great results, so praise the Lord for answering that prayer! I love you so much little peanut! Stay healthy and keep growing. I pray that you are safe and getting everything you need. I pray too that you will know the love of our Savior from early on and that you will always feel loved -by us and by Jesus too. You are such a gift and we love you so much already. 

- Mama 

Friday, March 20, 2015

doctors, cake, and nail polish [five on friday]

The last few days have been filled with . . . life. But I wanted to join in on Friday and share five things, because it's just fun to do that! :)

one. doctor's appointment. Today I have a doctor's appointment, and it's a big one too. They are doing the glucose test and they are doing an ultrasound to check the partial placenta previa as well. I'm praying that everything looks good, if you think of it I would appreciate a prayer or two from you as well. I'm looking forward to not only hearing baby but seeing our jelly bean and am hoping and praying it's a good appointment!

two. hubby's birthday. This weekend we are celebrating Landon's birthday! I made his birthday cake the other day so we could enjoy it a little bit early, at his request of course. I used this recipe and just made a few changes; it turned out really well! Landon even said it was the best carrot cakes I've made. And tonight we'll give him a few gifts early, mostly because I'm too impatient to wait for his actual birthday and also because we won't be at home on his birthday to celebrate. Not that he minds, he'll be in his happy place: watching basketball. all. day. long.

three. spring break. Next week is Spring Break and I am so excited! I love the simple and quiet days of just me and the little man. Those days are rare already and I know they will be even fewer here soon, so I plan to cherish each and everyone of them that I get.

four. nail polish. I've been looking for the "perfect" pink nail polish for a while now. I feel like pink is such a hard shade to find. It can't be too bright and pinky or too soft and pale. If it is I feel like it's a waste of time painting my nails since the color is so pale. Then sometimes I run into the problem of it not going on very well - having 'spots' on my nails. Please tell me you know what I'm mean. And if you have a suggestion to the perfect pink, I just might love you forever. So anyhow, among many of the things currently on my mind, that is one of them. Problems, I tell ya.  

five. I can't really think of a fifth thing for today, so I'll stop here and call it good :) I hope you all have a fun weekend!

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

a day away, swimming, and a party

This weekend was a smidgen different from our typical weekend. On Saturday I was gone all day long and Landon and Emerson spent the whole day together. A while back I mentioned I was going to a conference type thing. It's called Hearts at Home and another mom I know here invited/encouraged me to go. So I did. It was the time I had been away from home for an entire day since Emerson was born. I wasn't sure how it would go, but I was exited about going just the same and figured it would be a good time. It was.

So Saturday morning I got up in the wee hours of the morning before it was even light outside. Before the sun was even on the rise and got myself ready to spend the day away from home. I tiptoed around upstairs and quietly [and very quickly] at a little breakfast by myself. When it was time for me to leave I said a quiet good-bye to Landon and headed out the door. Thankfully for me, I was riding with some other mamas and we were meeting at the home of one of them. She happens to live a few houses down from me and we used to be able to see her house from where we live, they built some houses in a clearing so we can't see their whole house any more, just the roof. Anyhow, she lives super close by. The other mamas all got there and off we went. The morning started with getting our welcome package and whatnot and then a main session where Dr. Gary Chapman spoke. I've read one of his books, "The Five Love Languages", so I knew he would have some good things to say and looked forward to listening to him. He was wonderful and it was a great way to start the day. After that there were mini sessions/workshops that I went to. Four different sessions that day, followed by another main session where Lysa Terkeurst of Proverbs 31 Ministries spoke. The day was full of walking around, listening to great speakers, and trying to retain as much as what I heard as possible.

By the end of the day I was tired and ready to go to bed. Thankfully the drive home wasn't too long and I was able to see Emerson before he went to bed. But after his little head hit the pillow I wasn't far behind him.

While I was gone Landon sent me little updates here and there and a few pictures of what they were up to. They had gone grocery shopping and then had some fun at the pool that morning. All in all they had a pretty fun day and Emerson was so excited to tell me all about it. Including the part where he and Daddy picked up [stepped in] Boady's poop in the backyard ... fun fun. And the only pictures from Saturday are on Landon's iPod, so no pictures for now...

Sunday was a nice little day, we went to church and then headed home for an early lunch and nap time. We had been invited to a birthday party for one of Emerson's new little friends. I asked Emerson if he wanted to go to a boy's birthday party on Wednesday afternoon and from that moment on, the only thing he wanted to talk about was the "boy" "surprise" "book" "birthday" "party" over and over and over. It was pretty cute. One afternoon he was so excited about it that he almost didn't nap. And then the moment I went to get him out of bed he grabbed my face in his soft and dimply little hands and looked me deep in the eye, "boy. book. surprise." That boy remembers everything. So we went to he party [finally and after days of waiting] and all had a good time. Emerson didn't want to leave in the end, so that must be good. Right?

Anyhow. it was a nice weekend, so I'm just thankful for that.

Monday, March 16, 2015

baby bump #2 // 27 weeks

I like to be able to look back at the 'stats' for baby and me during pregnancy, so this week I thought I'd share a little more update like and less letter like. 

How Far Along: 27 weeks! 

Size of Baby: A rutabaga or head of cauliflower. And I feel it. I know we still a ways to go before baby gets here, but my goodness I already feel huge! 

Feeling: Still feeling pretty good. Sometimes I feel more tired than others and I just want to sleep all the day long, but I always manage to roll out of bed in the morning and get through the day without falling asleep before 8 at night . . . most of the time . . . Sometimes I'll have some lower back pain or my legs will hurt, but it's nothing big and generally I feel fine.  

Cravings/Aversions: I can't really think of any foods that 'I have to have now'. Though I do enjoy some ice-cream a few nights a week, if there's any in the house, and there is since I bought some the other day. Probably not the smartest thing for me to do. But this is nothing new, I've always liked ice-cream. Aversions - None really. So that's nice. 

Clothing: Maternity pants and tops are the most comfortable so that's pretty much what I wear. My cardigans and sweaters are regular, but they don't zip or button up any more! And it's a good thing the cold weather is nearly behind us because my coat will not zip up. Well, it can but it's new and I would like it to last at least a decade, so I don't want to take a chance and zip it up and then have the zipper break. Also, I have to suck in to do that, and it's just plain uncomfortable. Pajamas still fit, I just stretch my regular pj tops out. Though, I am wondering what I wore for pajamas the last time because right now, I'm not sure I'll make it to 40 weeks in my regular t-shirts. 

Gender: Baby boy. A little brother for our little guy. 

Best Moment This Week: Humm. Well, I had a pretty wonderful Saturday and yesterday we went to  a little friend's birthday party, Emerson loved it and was so sad to leave. Also, we went on a walk and stayed and played at the park this morning!! So, that was pretty amazing. I love the sunshine. 

Looking Forward To: My doctor's appointment this Friday! I always look forward to those appointments, I love hearing the heartbeat and just hearing that everything is good ... and I'm hoping that I hear the same this week. Though this is a big appointment. I'm doing the glucose test [and am praying that everything comes back good and normal] before I see the doctor on Friday. And I'm having an ultrasound done. We already had our anatomy scan, but I have to go back for a follow up ultrasound because during that scan they discovered I have partial placenta previa. They assured me the placenta nearly always moves up like it's supposed to, but they have to cheek just to make sure. I'm not too worried about it [maybe I should be?], and look at the second ultrasound as an opportunity to see our little peanut again. So this visit will be full of exciting things! Also, Spring Break is next week, so that's pretty exciting.  

Thoughts & Prayer: A week or so ago I pulled out a box of tiny baby clothes, they are sitting in your soon to be shared closet waiting to be washed and put away. I think the only reason I haven't already done that is because I know it means I'm going to have to figure out a new way to organize your brother's clothes, since you'll be sharing a dresser and all. So... I'll just hold off on that a tad longer. Don't worry though, you will have clean clothes to wear once you get here. Also, you have had the hiccups! I didn't realize what this was at first, I really don't think your brother had the hiccups while I was pregnant with him [though maybe he did and I just didn't realize what it was?], but then I was reading something and I thought, "yes! that's it!" So now, I'm looking forward to the next time you have the hiccups, even though I know they are oh so annoying when you actually have them. I am so looking forward to seeing you again on Friday! I know it won't be too much longer until you are here and I get to see you all the time, but I'm glad I have an opportunity to see you again before you make your big arrival. You are loved, little boy, and you are showered with prayers already. Oh, how I pray that you know your Savior and His love for you and that you seek and obey Him always. I love you. 

- Mama 

Friday, March 13, 2015

birthdays, photo books, and swimming

Some [five] things for this day ...

one. photo book.  Last year I made a photo book for Emerson's birthday/first year of his. My intention is to make a photo book for him each year. I try to make a photo book for us as a family each Christmas too, but that didn't happen this past year. Anyhow, I know it's something I want to make and plan to put together. I just have yet to upload the pictures and put the book together. And I know I need to get it done sooner rather than later because before too long it will be the last thing on my mind and I want to make sure to have a photo book for my little man.

two. a happy birthday. Landon's birthday is coming up and there are a few things he's requested and a few things he hasn't, but is getting anyway. ha. I'm super excited to give him one of the gifts and I already ordered it! One of the other things I would like to get for his birthday is a photo book. Instead of giving it to him at Christmas like I usually do, I would just give it to him for his birthday... But I'm not sure that's going to happen in time for his birthday. Maybe Father's Day?

three. birthday cake. In honor of Landon's upcoming birthday I asked him what cake or desert he wants me to make for him. He's still deciding but I'm glad that he's taking his time and I'm hoping he chooses something yummy!

four. boys day. Tomorrow Landon and Emerson are going to spend the whole day together. I probably won't even see the little man when he wakes up in the morning, which makes me a little sad, but I know that they will have fun together. Landon shared his big plans to take Emerson swimming tomorrow morning. I'm sure they'll do all kinds of other fun things, but I do wish I could go swimming too...

at least they're not going to the beach without me . . . 

five. girls night. The girls in the small group we've been going to invited me to dinner/girls night out. And it will be a night out, we aren't even meeting for dinner until 8 tonight! Holy moly, that's so late. And saying that makes me feel super old because that used to be an incredibly common time to call someone up and say, "Hey, you wanna go do something?" But now? I'm just hoping I don't fall asleep while we are out and about. We're going to have dinner at a Thai restaurant though, so that is a little extra incentive for me to stay awake. Goodness I love me some good Thai food and I am so looking forward to the meal I'm planning on getting tonight!

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

sometimes ....

There are times I do or think things that I probably shouldn't. There are times that I do things just because . . .  There are times I do things because I feel like it. There are times I don't do things because I feel lazy or cranky. My life is full of little 'sometimes' things, here are just a few...

Sometimes ... 

- I think to myself that it would be nice to have cable
- I want to hire a cleaning service
- I wish we lived closer to family
- I wish I didn't have to babysit and could spend my days just with Emerson
- I put a show on for Emerson so I can fix dinner without the help of the sweetest little guy I know
- I write the same thing down in my planner/to do list every day for a week... because it just doesn't get done.
- I have one cookie too many
- I don't dust or sweep for weeks
- the clean laundry piles up in the baskets for days, waiting to be folded
- folded laundry then sits a few more days before being put away
- the laundry has to be washed again before I've had a chance put it away
- I'll write things down in my planner/to do list that I've already done ... just so I can cheek something off my list
- I get bored staying at home all the time with the little munchkin[s]
- the morning hours seem to be the longest of the day
- the two hours before Landon comes home and after Bee leaves for the day seem to drag on forever 
- I feel like I should be doing more as a mom: have a schedule, do lessons, crafts, adventures, sing all of the songs....
- I feel like I do a sub-par job at my job of being a mom and babysitter
- I still think about what our life would be like if we had stayed in Louisville
- I miss living in Louisville
- cereal is the only thing I want to eat for dinner and don't feel like fixing a meal for my family
- I call my sister every day even though I know she's not going to answer her phone
- I'm shocked when my sister actually answers her phone when I do call her
- at night the only thing I want to do is lay on the couch or go to bed instead of spend time with my hubby
- I'll set the table for breakfast the night before
- I paint my finger nails and sit still long enough for the paint to dry
- I fill an online shopping cart with all the things I would love to buy, but never actually buy them
- things are put off for much longer than they should be: bills, cards, making a photo book, filling in a baby book, buying toilet paper ...
- I go to the store with  a list and forget to get half of the things on it
- I go to the store with a list and buy even more things than I had written down

Oh my ... What are some of your 'sometimes' things?