Tuesday, March 31, 2015

a quiet weekend.

This weekend was pretty chill. Though, Landon was able to take a little bit of a break from his studying so we could go shopping together. He had some Christmas and Birthday money that he wanted to use towards a few new things for himself, which is rare, so we went to the outlet mall not far from our house on Friday morning and spent some time looking around and even making a few purchases. He got the things he had been looking for and Emerson got some church clothes for this Spring and Summer. I got a free body wash from Bath & Body Works [oh, how I love those coupons!]. It was a nice little morning out with the boys and productive, which is always nice when going out shopping for/with a purpose. One of the things I picked out for Emerson was an outfit for Easter; I knew it was getting close to Easter but when I looked at the calendar I realized it was really close! I had looked online at a few places and in Target one afternoon, but to no avail. Thankfully I found a cute little outfit for him and he approved it [and even picked it out], so hopefully that means we'll get lots of wear out of it this season.

Saturday morning I went grocery shopping to stock up on things for the coming week. I always go super early in the morning so I can beat the crowds, which makes shopping a little more bearable. After I got home we spent most of the days reading books and playing. I can't wait until all of the days are nice enough to go play outside, but until that day comes, we will play inside and I'll continue to try and make the little man happy.

In addition to going shopping we watched lots of basketball. Landon even more than me. If a game was being played, it was on. Even though we don't have cable, that man has figured out ways to get every game so he is sure not to miss one. Of course we were cheering for and mainly watching for Kentucky, but you know ... we have to watch the potential competition :) I think March is the perfect birthday month for Landon, he loves basketball, so it's pretty much the life of getting to watch all the basketball you want all through your birthday month and even on your birthday. I'm not as big of a fan as he is, but over the years he has pulled me in and I cheer for the Cats with him. We are nervous for the upcoming game! But are glad to be able to watch another UK game this season...

And now that I've been talking about basketball for nearly a whole paragraph, it's obviously time for me to get going. There are other things in life.

Anyhow. It was a quiet little weekend and one that I didn't want to see come to an end. But as they say, all good things do.


Kasey Sutgrey said...

Quiet weekends are the best weekends a lot of the time! And I hate they have to end so quickly!

tina bumblebee said...

That cow has some crazy scary eyes. I've never even noticed basketball before this month, I swear. Like i knew it was a sport but around here no one really cares about it... but them BAM March 2015 everyone starts giving a crap haha.

Courtney B said...

Genius idea to get to the store early and beat the crowds! I don't know why I don't do that!
It is so weird seeing you guys bundled up in coats- it is so hot here!

Amy said...

We are so anxious for Saturday's Badgers game! We can't wait! Good luck!! (But I still hope the Badgers win!! Lol!)