Thursday, March 26, 2015

cows, pigs, sheep, tractors, and family [a visit]

This past weekend we drove to Kentucky to visit some family because we had some days off from school and work [though Landon is always working, so it wasn't much a a break for him]. We were able to celebrate his birthday and his grandma's birthday while we were in and from the way gifts were being given, you would have thought Emerson was having a birthday too. 

On Sunday afternoon and evening most of Landon's family stopped by his parent's house at one point or another so we saw all of the grandparents and almost all of the aunts and uncles and a few cousins as well. It was nice to be able to see Landon's family and they of course loved seeing and loving on Emerson.

It was a brisk day but we still played outside a little bit when the temperatures were a little more bearable. Emerson would have loved to stay outside the whole day, but that just didn't happen. Though we were able to spend plenty of time outside the next day at the zoo and a day or so later when the weather was actually nice.

I'm pretty sure, even though we were celebrating Landon's birthday, Emerson was given more gifts. Ha. That boy is not deprived of love or attention at all.

On Monday while Landon's parents were at work and his sisters were in class, we went to the zoo and saw my sister and her kids. The next day we got to visit some less exotic animals and go see the newborn calves at Landon's grandpa's farm. One of his cows had just birthed twin calves! We went to visit them for a little bit and let Emerson pet them if he wanted to. He was more into talking about petting them than actually petting them, but he loved seeing the baby cows and did not want to leave. They were the sweetest little calves and oh so soft.

After we pet the baby cows we went to Landon's grandpa's other farm, the one he lives on, and Emerson got to ride on his Papaw's four wheeler and tractor. Landon's whole family had been talking about how Emerson should go on a four wheeler with his Papaw and how fun it would be and to ride the tractor too. All the while I was thinking, "No, a four wheeler and tractor are not safe for little munchkins to ride on." When we got there the for wheeler and tractor turned out to be completely different from what I was thinking of. In my mind when I hear the word four wheeler I think of well, a four wheeler [like the one below].

I don't think of a mini truck/golf cart type thing, which is what his Papaw had. Maybe you are braver than I am and would have let your toddler ride on the regular type four wheeler, and for that you are amazing. But I am not willing to let my little man ride on one of those quite yet. I know the day will come all too soon when he goes of driving one on his own, but I will hold off on that day for as long as possible. The four wheeler that Landon's grandpa had was seemed safer to me, so the boys went for a little ride and saw some cows in the field. Emerson's day was made.

And after that drive, Papaw got out his tractor [again, I was thinking the tractor would be much different than it actually was] and the boys went for a little ride in the big green tractor. When the tractor ride was over Emerson just kept saying, "gin, gin, gin," for "again" and signing "more" with his hands. His day was really made.

I love that little face up in the tractor!  

Landon's grandpa is so sweet and loves Emerson so much. I'm pretty sure his smile was just as big if not bigger than Emerson's when he took him out on his four wheeler and tractor. He even let Emerson take the wheel and drive the tractor. I'm pretty sure that was one of his favorite tractor rides.

Because seeing cows isn't enough, the next day we went to see some sheep and pigs. There's a family in Landon's town who raises sheep and are known around the country for their sheep, they're big time breeders and have been for decades. Anyhow, we got to go see some of the little lambs and little piglets they had at their farm. Two little cousins even came over to sheep watch with us.

Even still Emerson is talking about the tractor, Papaw, piggies, sheep, and cows. Our short visit with family was a nice little break and was filled with lots to do but at the same time plenty of rest. Shoot, one afternoon I took a two hour long nap and watched some Food Network and HGTV. That never happens. Mostly because I do stuff around the house while Emerson naps and also because we don't have cable. We were glad we were able to visit some family, but as always, it is nice to be home. I'm especially enjoying being at home and enjoying the days with just one little munchkin running around. It's much easier to get things done with only one "helper", I don't even want to think about what this Fall will look like when there will be three! . . . crazy!

Anyhow. I hope you are enjoying your Thursday!


Laura said...

The farm time is totally my kind of fun! What a treat for all of you! I grew up learning how to drive (we're talking tiny sized Laura) on a John Deere, so they have a special place in my heart. And I love all the UK gear being sported in those pics. I'm all decked out today; this game tonight is going to stress me out!

Alisha said...

Oh my gosh, these pictures just melt my heart. How cute is sweet little Emerson?! Love that version of a 4-wheeler. Even I could get down with that being okay.

Amy said...

What great pictures! Family time is so important & so glad you guys had lots of it!

Lauren said...

oh my gosh! Elyse would have been in heaven. My parents have a lot of land and they have an off road golf-cart that they take for rides and she LOVES it! Add in some cows, and her day would have been made as well!

Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

aww all the farm animals!! Aria would so dig that.