Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I love [long] skirts

Skirts are one of my favorite types of clothing -obviously shirts are super important and nice, dresses are pretty and fun, shorts are great for hot weather, hoddies and sweaters are cozy for winter... There are lots of different kinds and types of clothing. All good to have. All good to wear. But skirts are my favorite piece of clothing of all and I think at this point, they always will be.

For most of my growing up years I had to wear skirts or dresses. Like, it wasn't an option to not wear
a skirt. And the skirt had to be ankle length, no knee length skirts to spend the day in, and heaven forbid if the skirt was thigh high. Big no. We could maybe get away with wearing a lower calf length skirt or dress, but for the most part only the younger girls could wear that 'short' of a skirt.  And no, my parents are super ultra conservative, it was apart of the culture of where I grew up: Papua New Guinea. [This may or may not be something you know about me ... you can read more about where I grew up here if you like.] Anyhow, like I said, it was part of the culture. Women wore long skirts and men wore pants. And truly, I didn't mind one bit. I liked wearing dresses and skirts and became quite skilled at running, jumping, playing sports, riding a bike, and doing just about anything else one would want to do, modestly, in a skirt. Even tubing and swimming, granted, we did wear shorts underneath the skirt when we went tubing or swimming in the river.

One might think that after being required to and only having the option of wearing long skirts for years and years of my life that I would never want to wear another one again now that I don't have to. But that is not the case. I still love wearing skirts and in the summer I prefer them to shorts. One hundred times over. After I moved back to the states I noticed when I would be out shopping that it was so hard, if not impossible to find a long skirt, let alone a cute long skirt. Sure the knee length ones were cute and I liked them [and still do] and they worked, but ankle length skirts were always on my radar and will always be my favorite. Every Spring and Summer when I would look at the new clothes lines coming out I'd always look at the skirts, and always be disappointed by how short they all were. Until last summer ... when all of the sudden longer skirts were popping up everywhere, and for a reasonable price. And as Spring and Summer are quickly approaching this year I have seen even more longer skirts showing up in the stores and online [as let's be real, I hardly ever actually get out to an actual store these days].

This makes me so stinking happy. I could live in long skirts [shucks, I have]. If I lived in a warmer state, say Arizona, that is all I would wear, ever. I love a good pair of jeans, but nothing beats a nice long skirt. And in the summer when it's hot outside and jeans are pretty unbearable and shorts are the ever so popular and chosen item of clothing, I have to convince myself it's too hot outside for jeans and then talk myself into wearing a pair of shorts because it is so hot and I don't need my body to overheat. I just really hate wearing shorts, I always have and I think I always will. Sure I have a few pairs, but I still hate wearing them. Which is why skirts are so awesome, they allow you to feel cool in the heat of the summer without having to wear shorts! And long skirts? Even better... you can enjoy wearing a skirt and staying cool and being able to enjoy a nice breeze and staying modest [this is especially important when you are chasing a toddler around]. They are my absolute favorite.

So now I am faced with a problem: I want all of the skirts. I've seen so many cute ones and I need some more. One for each day of the week, preferably. And then a few extras to make it look like I don't wear the same clothes on repeat. Sure they may go out of style in a year or two [or maybe they already are?], but I don't care one little bit. I love them so. And so I sit here and look at all of the skirts that need to make their way into my closet and dream about the soon to be warm days where I can actually wear them again.

Oh, how I love a good long [maxi] skirt. Do you have a favorite type of clothing? Does it change depending on season?



Jessica said...

With ya, sisters! I'm a big fan of the maxi skirt myself. I'm not a shorts person - never will be - although I do wear them every now and then. But my all time fave are maxi skirts and dresses (of knee length or longer). This preference has become even stronger since I had Caleb, as the last thing I want to do is worry about mooning someone while wearing a short skirt and chasing after a toddler! Let's enjoy this trend while it lasts!!!

Jessica said...

*sister, not sisters (lol!)

tina bumblebee said...

I have soooo many maxi skirts and most are from Target! They are so cheap and cute!

Susannah said...

I always forget that you grew up overseas too! No wonder I like you so much. ;-)

Laura said...

I'll be honest...I love a good pair of loose fitting shorts and a modest tank top and flip flops. It's Houston. I sweat too much otherwise. I think skirts are adorable, and the ones you picked out are wonderful, but I'm so short that I feel like I'm playing dress-up in my mom's clothes if I wear long skirts. I wear them in Zambia and just feel awkward the whole time. When it's cold out, give me my jeans and my cowboy boots any old day for a happy girl! That's my real favorite!

Callie Nicole said...

I love maxi skirts too! I am trying to gather a few more to wear this summer, instead of buying maternity shorts - most of the waistbands are stretchy, so I can wear them when I'm pregnant and when I'm not! The pilazzo pants looks kind of interesting to me too, but I think it might be hard to find a pair that don't have too much of a pajama pants feel.

Mini Singh said...

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