Thursday, March 12, 2015

sometimes ....

There are times I do or think things that I probably shouldn't. There are times that I do things just because . . .  There are times I do things because I feel like it. There are times I don't do things because I feel lazy or cranky. My life is full of little 'sometimes' things, here are just a few...

Sometimes ... 

- I think to myself that it would be nice to have cable
- I want to hire a cleaning service
- I wish we lived closer to family
- I wish I didn't have to babysit and could spend my days just with Emerson
- I put a show on for Emerson so I can fix dinner without the help of the sweetest little guy I know
- I write the same thing down in my planner/to do list every day for a week... because it just doesn't get done.
- I have one cookie too many
- I don't dust or sweep for weeks
- the clean laundry piles up in the baskets for days, waiting to be folded
- folded laundry then sits a few more days before being put away
- the laundry has to be washed again before I've had a chance put it away
- I'll write things down in my planner/to do list that I've already done ... just so I can cheek something off my list
- I get bored staying at home all the time with the little munchkin[s]
- the morning hours seem to be the longest of the day
- the two hours before Landon comes home and after Bee leaves for the day seem to drag on forever 
- I feel like I should be doing more as a mom: have a schedule, do lessons, crafts, adventures, sing all of the songs....
- I feel like I do a sub-par job at my job of being a mom and babysitter
- I still think about what our life would be like if we had stayed in Louisville
- I miss living in Louisville
- cereal is the only thing I want to eat for dinner and don't feel like fixing a meal for my family
- I call my sister every day even though I know she's not going to answer her phone
- I'm shocked when my sister actually answers her phone when I do call her
- at night the only thing I want to do is lay on the couch or go to bed instead of spend time with my hubby
- I'll set the table for breakfast the night before
- I paint my finger nails and sit still long enough for the paint to dry
- I fill an online shopping cart with all the things I would love to buy, but never actually buy them
- things are put off for much longer than they should be: bills, cards, making a photo book, filling in a baby book, buying toilet paper ...
- I go to the store with  a list and forget to get half of the things on it
- I go to the store with a list and buy even more things than I had written down

Oh my ... What are some of your 'sometimes' things?


Meghan said...

Oh yeah a lot of these would be on my sometimes list or even my most of the time list ;)

Jessica said...

I do a lot of these things! Especially the whole filling the cart thing. I do that all the time. And then whittle it down and whittle it down - usually until there's nothing left. Lol! Sometimes it's just fun to think about being able to buy whatever I want!

I also often don't feel like making dinner lately. I think it's mostly a pregnant thing - I remember feeling that way while pregnant with Caleb.

And honestly, I sometimes feel like all of the things on this list:)

Lauren said...

I totally do a lot of these things...and while I don't make as many lists anymore, I definitely used to write things on a list that had already been completed just to mark something else off!

Amanda Klein said...

I so feel you on lots of these! We gave up cable, too, but I miss the news! (And reality tv!) Loving the "set the table for breakfast the night before" idea - why not??