Tuesday, April 7, 2015

a happy easter

I really love Easter. It's not only a bright and fun day that can be filled with fun things, but it's also a bright and glorious day because it is the day our Savior rose from the grave! This Easter was especially meaningful to me for some reason; I've always loved celebrating the holiday, but this one was probably one of the sweetest Easters I've had. 

We stayed home for Easter so it was just our little family celebrating Resurrection Sunday, but it really couldn't have been more perfect. It's always nice to get together with Landon's family and spend time with them, but it's also nice to be able to celebrate such a special holiday with our little family of three and really juts enjoy each other and what this day really means. 

On Saturday afternoon I got Emerson's basket filled and ready for him to find on Sunday morning and I was so excited to let him find it. Sunday morning while he and Landon were still sleeping I made some muffins for our breakfast [we had to have something a little special] and as I finished cleaning everything up, the little guy woke up. I put his basket on his little chair outside his room and woke Landon up so he could be sure to join in the Easter fun.

We went in his room to say good morning and it didn't take long for his little eyes to spy something new and different outside his room. Something that looked like it could be for him. His eyes lit up and when I told him it was his Easter basket and he could go look at it, he climbed happily out of bed and ran over to see it.

 He pulled the things out of his basket and looked them over and talked about how we would play with them later. He wasn't too sure about the eggs, but when he realized he could open them and that there were treats inside . . . that was all he wanted to do. Animal crackers for the win.

And yes, I realize it is April, and we are now past Easter, and the boy is still wearing Christmas pajamas. And I realize they are getting to be a little small on him . . . I should have put some new pjs in his basket for him. Oh well. You can't have Easter without Christmas, right?

We enjoyed our little breakfast of muffins, fruit, and yogurt, and then got ready for church. Before we went to church we stopped at the park for a few minutes to take some pictures. It. was. freezing. And incredibly windy [though we should have expected that here]. We walked around for a few minutes then left for church with a sad little boy, because how can you go to the park and not play for an hour or two? and the promise of coming back after church.

After church we went back to the park so he could run around a little bit and I tried my best to keep up with him. It was still really cold and windy so our trip to the park was a short one.

After a having a little lunch together and a good nap, we went over to our small group leader's house to dye eggs and have a little Easter egg hunt with their boys. Emerson could not have been more excited. He loves their boys, so it was a treat for him to be able to spend the afternoon running around with them.

Our friend has set up a table with three stations, one for each boy, so they could dye their eggs. I was a little unsure of how it would go, but Emerson did really well. He wasn't hesitant about plopping the eggs in the colors and wanted to dye all of the eggs. He acted like he had been doing it for years and put an egg in each cup. When I'd take it out he wanted to put it in another cup. And then another.

He did such a good job and was so careful! I was very impressed. And then when all the eggs were colored, he wanted to do more. He even went back a few times to drop an already colored egg back into a cup.

In the end I was pretty impressed with how well his eggs turned out. I'm sure we'll be doing this for years to come, I'm glad we had a first good experience with it and hope for more egg dying fun in the future years.

And then there was the Easter egg hunt. We "hid" eggs for him last year to find, but he was more taken with a ball that was outside. This year he did a pretty good job of looking for and finding eggs for his basket.

Our friends had thought to get kites to fly and it was the perfect day for it. It was Emerson's first time flying a kite, and the first time I had flown one in a really long time. It was so windy you hardly had to do anything but stand there and hold on tight to the string.

It was such a lovely afternoon and we were so thankful for new friends to invite us over to have some fun with their boys. It was busy but quiet, and full of outside play time.

We went home and enjoyed a little Easter dinner I had prepped earlier that afternoon: baked ham and cheese sandwiches, frog eye salad, fruit, corn, green beans, and garlic and herb quinoa. It was yummy!

Our Easter was so wonderful! It was the perfect day for our little family to celebrate and enjoy being together. I'm so thankful we were able to enjoy such a wonderful day together and celebrate our risen Lord!

I hope you all had a blessed Easter too!


Lauren said...

great pictures! we didn't dye eggs this year and I definitely missed it...but sometimes you don't get to do everything you have planned!

Kasey Sutgrey said...

I love that pic where he is eating his treat from his egg, he looks so thrilled! And I know what you mean about spending holidays alone sometimes, it takes off the pressure so you can really enjoy it focus on the real meaning!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam, and Dylan Too! said...

Love the pictures, and he is adorable! I'm glad you had a nice Easter!

Alisha said...

These pictures are just precious. I absolutely love his little outfit. So cute! We are still rocking our Christmas jammies too - don't feel bad! :)

Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party) said...

His face with that cookie is priceless!!! Looks like a great day!

Laura said...

Sounds like a perfect Easter! Emerson just gets cuter and cuter each week!

Amy said...

What a perfect Easter! I love all of your photos! Great captures!