Tuesday, April 28, 2015

a weekend visit + food + family

Because it's spring and flowers are blooming. And because they're pretty. 
And because I don't have a single picture from this weekend. found here.

This weekend Landon's parents came in for a little visit. We all enjoyed eating lots of food together and just spending time around the house. Landon and I had talked about going on a date while they were here, but in the end we decided to just hang out with them all weekend and go out to dinner as a family. Instead of having a meal out for our date, our date consisted of going to the grocery store while they stayed at the house and played with Emerson. Even though we didn't eat out or dress up or anything, and we were just doing regular old chores that needed to get done, it was still nice to not have to pack a bag of goodies, books, snacks, and such for the little one like I usually do. It was also nice to have quite time in the car with each other, talking about this and that and not turning around every two minutes to see what new book Emerson was in need of. 

After our grocery shopping trip we took Emerson to the store so he could pick out a prize. Have I mentioned that we're potty training right now? We are. He had filled up his first potty sticker chart and had just finished his second chart. We had promised him a prize when he filled the chart up, so we loaded him up and headed to the store so he could pick out his prize, which he was all kinds of excited about. And also, I think he will be just as indecisive as me ... he's already shown signs of this at home, but even more so when he was given the option of picking one prize. ha. It was a fun little outing and then we went home for lunch. 

We considered going out at lunch time, but for some reason decided against that too. I think the big reason being that we are cheap and we know we can have a nice little meal at home and also because we knew we'd be going out for a bigger meal a few hours after lunch [the next meal is always on Landon's mind :]. 

After Emerson went down for his nap Landon's mom and I went shopping to look for some better fitting, Spring and Summer clothes for him. It was a nice little trip out and I even had time to take a little nap after we got back home. 

That night we went out to dinner and ... not that is has to do with eating, but Emerson stayed dry the whole time and went potty at the restaurant on a big potty. So, that was all kinds of exciting for me. 

Sunday morning we went to church and then hung out at home until it was time for Gigi and Poppy to go home. Last time we said good-bye to them after going out for lunch and that was a little too upsetting for Emerson, so we ate at home and said our good-byes from there. Emerson did better with his good-byes this time and then was off to take a nap.   

It was a sweet little weekend, full and slow. One of the best kinds of weekends. I hope you all enjoyed a nice little weekend as well. 


Mrs. Southern Mama said...

Cute idea of offering a prize for the potty training :) I'm sure that little cutie enjoyed it!

Amy said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I'm so glad Emerson is doing so well on the potty! Keep going, Mama! Where did you go shopping for his clothes?