Wednesday, April 1, 2015

a wish list for baby #2

As the weeks come closer to us welcoming home baby number two, the more I'm thinking about what needs to get done as well as what we need to get for baby boy. We will use a lot of the same things we used for/with Emerson for this baby, but there are some things we had for Emerson that we won't have for this baby since they were loaned to me from my sister and she is in now in need of them herself [which is wonderful!]. 

So I put together a little list, and in fact registered for these things because of the awesome coupon I got just for register! I wasn't planning on putting a registry together for this little one, but in a way it's nice as it allows me to really think about the things we will need for baby and the things that I loved having with/for Emerson and would like for this baby as well. 

With the exception of the double stroller we had all of these things for Emerson, some of the things just can't be used again like the diapers, snot sucker, and the pacifiers [maybe some people reuse the pacis from baby number one, but we won't be doing that. Most of the newborn ones had to be thrown out anyhow due to thrush]. And I just feel like it's not very sanitary to use the same snot sucker on a different kid. Ya know? Anyhow, those are all little things, but things I had forgotten we would need to be getting for baby [apart from the diapers that is]. 

The other things on the list are things I borrowed from my sister and used all the time so they are things that I am hoping we will be able to replace. The changing pad and burp cloths will for sure be replaced, but the others I'm just really hoping to! I know babies can [and do] live without these things, like a play mat, but I know how much Emerson used it and I imagine baby number two will be use it just as much, so it's something I'd like to get for him. The bath tub is one of the things I'm not sure about. I know that we need one and I know that we used a similar infant tub with Emerson until he was old enough to sit up in the tub, but I just hate how big and bulky [not to mention how much storage space they take up when you are done with them] the baby tubs are. Is there any way around this? If you have clever ideas, please share them. Our sink is kind of small so bathing in the sink isn't really an option and the kitchen is downstairs, and I'm not about to walk up and down the stairs just for a bath. As far as the double stroller goes, I just think it would be really nice to have one of those as walking is my only form of exercise. 

What are some of the things you used with baby number one that you didn't use as much with the second baby? What are some things you got for baby number two that you didn't have with the first baby? Or, if you're expecting baby number two, what are some of the things on your baby wish list for this peanut? 


Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam, and Dylan Too! said...

I love how the Bumbos have belts in them now! Baby gear changes so quickly. We still have the original version!
Some of my favorite items I got for babies #3 and 4 that I didn't have for my first two were the Fisher Price Rock and Play, Aden and Anais swaddle blankets (good for so many things!), the Summer Infant swaddle pods, and the Ergo. I highly recommend those 4 items to any mom!
Best of luck to you!

Courtney said...

I did the same thing., I hadn't planned to make a registry but it has been nice to keep track of everything all in one place. I got a thing in the mail that said I get a $20 Target gift card just for creating a new baby registry so you can bet I made one ASAP lol.

Jessica said...

For Caleb, we had a foam mat that could be laid down in the tub or sink for bathing. We could hang it up to dry and it was small and inconspicuous (I can't stand the big bulky baby tubs - side effect of having a small house, I guess!) I have not been able to find the foam mat this time around, so we registered for a blooming baby. Have you seen those? They carry them at Target. I think they are about $35 or $40, so a bit more pricey than a plastic tub, but they are so much easier to use. They tuck right into a sink or lay down in a tub, and can be thrown into the washing machine to clean. Love! We decided to forgo a play mat this time. I do have a small one that was Caleb's, so we'll have that if we want to use it, but with our big dog and Caleb running around, I don't think Vivian will get much floor time. We'll have to do tummy time on the bed or something, as I just don't think it will be safe for her on the floor with a rambunctious toddler running around tossing Hot Wheels cars everywhere, lol! The joys of being the second child, right?

Alisha said...

Baby stuff makes my heart happy. You don't think about all of the additional things you will need the second time around. Loving your lists!

Amy Will said...

Great list! I really appreciated seeing it because you got me brainstorming for what we need for our baby #2! I had thought we wouldn't do a baby registry this time, but I would sure do it for a coupon :)

It's hard to think about what we would need for #2 that we didn't save for baby #1 but you're right on the baby pacifiers. Not sure if we should sanitize old ones or buy new...

We didn't have a baby changing table for our first but we have one now that we bought second hand. It's been perfect to use while pregnant and changing our toddler! Bending down on the floor just isn't as easy now.

Congratulations on your baby #2! We are due only a week or so apart from each other :)
Amy @

tina bumblebee said...

Aw I loved picking out all these things for Lyla :( I miss baby shopping and wish list making!!! That tub is adorable

Amy said...

Great list!

I was actually thinking about making a registry, too, just to get the deals/coupons. :)