Wednesday, April 8, 2015

easter basket for my little guy

Easter baskets are always fun. It was fun getting them while growing up [and is it's still fun to get an Easter basket] and it's fun to make and give an Easter basket. The past two Easters I have had so much fun putting a little basket together for Emerson and I had just as much doing it this year. 

I like to include practical things, but this year a few more for fun things made their way into the basket. This year's basket held all sorts of little goodies: a bubble gun, chalk, a coloring book, a sticker book, and some little bubbles [they looked like carrots and were a dollar, so I couldn't resist].

There were some plates in there and utensils as well. Not as many practical things this year, but still a few. Sure there were a few other things I would have loved to include in his basket: a book or two, some pajamas, and other little things. But I was pretty pleased with his basket and I think he was too.

He was most excited about the bubble gun and the chalk came in right behind it. All morning he talked about the bubble gun and remembered it later that afternoon when the weather was nice and not too windy, so we went outside to blow some bubbles. I love it. Landon loves it. He loves it. Boady [the dog] does not love it. ha.

And of course there were eggs filled with yummy treats! How can you not have eggs filled with goodies? This year he had animal crackers, bunny fruit snacks, and a few Kisses in his eggs. I know as the years go on he'll get more and more candy, but for now he couldn't have been more excited to open an egg and find animal crackers! bunny snacks [or hops and he likes to call them]! and chocolate! I considered buying some Peeps to throw in his basket, but decided against it because they are all sugar and I knew they would be on super sale after Easter and there are always hundreds of Peeps left afterwards. So I saved us some pennies and bought him some Peeps to try after Easter. He likes them. I'm pretty sure Peeps will be a yearly appearance in his basket from here on out. It's also nice to know someone else in our home likes Peeps other than just me :)

Anyhow, that's my little toddler guy's Easter basket! I'm linking up here to share, and you can too if you want.

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Amy said...

LOVE Emerson's basket. So glad the Target dollar section is around because that's where I purchased a lot of Cash's items, too.

tina bumblebee said...

Yessss love all the things in his basket! My family got Lyla so much candy (that she can't even eat!) and it drove me crazy.

Jessica said...

I think the Target $1 section is an Easter favorite! I know I got several items there:) Love it! Wasn't it fun to watch our little guys open their baskets this year? Caleb had so much fun!:)

Tiffany said...

I love seeing all of the different Easter baskets that parents make for their kids! Ours was last minute this year, but Sydney still loved it! I usually try to get a basket that can be used in her room beyond Easter and then a few little goodies inside.

Courtney B said...

I loooooove his Easter basket! The bubble gun is a genius idea! Mia will definitely have to get that someday! I also love that we don't have to shower them with candy right now! Mia got a little bit of gold fish and fruit snacks in her basket and it was perfect! Of course she had more than enough candy from all the Easter egg hunts we did to make up for no candy in her basket, ha ha!