Thursday, April 2, 2015

spring crafts and activities for toddlers

A while back I enjoyed participating in the One Year and Beyond link up with some other mamas, and this month I get to join with them again, and hopefully you too, to share about a few different toddler related topics. I'm not an expert, that's for sure, but I do enjoy this journey and love being about to share what I've learned and how things work for us. I also love hearing from you and how you do things too, so I really hope you'll join in too! 

Anyhow, today we are talking about spring activities and crafts for your little ones. One thing I love as Emerson is getting bigger, is being able to do more craft like things with him. However, we still tend to keep it pretty simple. Some of our favorite Spring crafts and activities include: 

- coloring. In a coloring book or on a blank sheet of paper. It doesn't really matter. The Crayola color wonder markers are a current favorite for us. Emerson loves coloring with markers and these ones are the only ones I'll let him use because the color only shows up on color wonder paper! It's amazing and like magic. I know it's a special paper you have to buy, but as he is still just learning how to color and what it means to only color on the paper and not his shirt, my shirt, the floor, and such, these markers are amazing. They were a gift to him, and we are both in love with them! I think there are even color wonder coloring books to go along with them if that's your thing. 

- making cards. Also known as coloring on a blank card that I have. The front of the card usually has a picture or design, but he colors all over the front and back and all in the inside as well. He'll draw his little pictures and then stick stickers all over the card. He loves doing this. For one of his cards he worked on it all morning and it had to be just right, the right colors, the right stickers, and the right amount of all of them. He knew what he wanted. And then, when it was time to go eat lunch, he still wasn't' finished working on his card. We try and send birthday cards, thank you cards, and even a few fun holiday cards as well [if I'm on top of my game that is]. Now that he is able to really help with this, I think it's important for him to add to the thank you or birthday card. The recipients have told me how much they love getting his cards, and I know he has fun making them. 

- stickers. He loves them. And they are pretty cheap. So most of our crafts these days involve stickers of some kind or another. Even if we aren't doing a craft he'll decorate his room, clothes, books, toys, and walls with stickers. They're good for everything. I love stickers too and have a little collection going, so I love that he loves stickers too ... though there are some stickers that I'm still holding on to and not willing to share with him quite yet. That's probably bad... 

- painting. The kid always wants to paint. Though truth be told, I don't get the paints out as often as he would probably like, it's more involved and messy, and sometimes a lot of the time I would rather stick to the 'cleaner' crafts. 

- play dough. It's fun to bring out the play dough for the little guy to mess around with. He's to the age now that he mostly doesn't' put everything in his mouth, so it's nice to be able to sit and play play dough with him. A lot of times he'll play with it while I fix dinner, which is a win win for both of us. 

- going for walks. With the weather getting a little bit warmer we are enjoying taking advantage of going for walks and enjoying some sunshine together. 

- going to the park. We have a park in our neighborhood, so nearly every walk includes a lengthy stop at the park. He can run around and slide to his little hearts content and I love being outside, so it's pretty wonderful. Getting him to leave the park is becoming somewhat of a challenge though, he wants to stay all. day. long. 

- blowing bubbles. Bubbles are a love for us. And now Emerson likes to help and blow bubbles of his own. We have spent hours outside blowing bubbles already this spring, so I know I'm going to need to get some more soon. He loves them so much, but has a hard time actually blowing the bubbles, so I'm thinking about getting him a little bubble blower gun for him to use. I'm pretty sure that's a thing, and if it is, I'm going to get him one. 

- chalk art. I like to have a little activity that "contains" the child to a certain area, so we color with chalk on our patio, which makes it all nice and pretty for our guests :) 

I realize some of these are crafts and activities are ones that you can do regardless of what season it is, but they are some of the ones we've been enjoying a lot these days and I know we'll be doing a lot more of the out door ones as the days get nicer and warmer. What are some of the things you enjoy doing with your little ones? Do share! 

In this link up we want to share with you what we've found that has worked for us as new mamas to toddlers. Because we're experts  after being moms for a few years or so, right? Not really, but we have some experience and want to share what we've learned and we'd love to learn from you, too!

               Here's our Hosts for this round!

Here are the topics we will be talking about this Month!

April 2nd. Spring activities and craft ideas for toddlers.

April 9th.  How  you keep your toddler occupied while grocery shopping.

April 15th.  Potty Training.

April 22. Favorite Spring activities.

April 29th Clothes shopping for your toddler. (Where do you get the best deals, where do you shop, how do you save money) etc


Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

Having them make cards is a fave of mine!!! Aria hand made all the Christmas cards this year, mostly because mom failed at getting a family pic in time. They were awesome, but they also took the entire month of December to do. Short spurts! But, in the much better.

Sara McCarty said...

Great ideas! I love the idea of making cards to send - I definitely need to start having Mac do that!

tina bumblebee said...

Yesssss stickers! And of course anything that involves being outside :)

Amy Will said...

Stickers are something we need to do more of around here! My son loves putting stickers on everything :) And making cards is a wonderful idea and they are even more personal and meaningful for the recipient because they are homemade by you two!
Amy @

kelseylynae said...

Blythe got a bubble gun for her bday and I LOVE IT! And so does she. But she can totally do it herself and it's the best!