Friday, April 10, 2015

sunshine and baby gates

1 / pretty weather. 
The other morning looked like it was going to bring with it a sunny and warmish day. After looking at the forecast, we excepted just as much. So we opened our windows to let a cross breeze float through our house. It was too hot to leave them closed, and too cold to turn on the air conditioning. However, it's fairly tricky impossible to leave our doors open with Emerson and Bee running around here all day every day. And it gets hot upstairs where the majority of our days are spent. So I decided I needed baby gates I could put up on the doors upstairs so we could still get the breeze from outside and enjoy some extra natural light. 

2 / baby gates. 
As I brushed my teeth and thought about my genius plan, the more I was convinced it was the perfect plan and we needed to do something about it. Right away. The only trouble with that is that I was babysitting. And in order to get said baby gates I would either have to: a. wait until the weekend or the following afternoon when I could go out and get them with just Emerson or b. take both the munchkins with me. I chose option b. I know lots of mamas have twins [which is how I tend to look at the two little ones I spend my days with and how everyone I see in public sees them] and there are lots of mamas with two little ones [and I will soon be that mama!] and they go out all the time. And I know I have even done outings like this many times before when I nannied twin toddler girls. But for now, for us, we stay at home. Generally. I've ventured out, but not often and only once to the store for an emergency item.

never have I been so excited about baby gates, open doors, and sunshine 

3 / load them up. 
So I loaded the little people into the car and off I went. We walked into the store and then I stuck them in the back of a cart and off we went to get the gates. But since we were out, and they were being really good, and we needed to get a birthday present for a little friend, we looked around a bit for a present and just at other stuff in general. We weren't out for forever, I doubt an hour even passed, but we were out of the house. And they were contained and they were being so good! I could not have asked or prayed for them to be better while on our errand. Which I did pray, a lot. And I was so thankful for such an amazing answer to prayer. They just sat down and babbled to each other and to me occasionally and played and looked at this and that. And we left with our gates and present.

4 / let the breeze and light in. 
Obviously I was pretty excited about such a great trip and for a fun break in our day. Something a little different and unusual. And after getting home, unloading everyone and everything, and then climbing the stairs, I put up the gates. And ever since then I have been as happy as a clam. We can have the windows open and feel the cool air and we get some very welcomed and much missed sunshine. It makes my heart happy. Why did we not do that sooner?!

5 / do work. 
Another great perk about these little gates is that I can do a little bit more now that I don't have to wrangle two little ones or have to figure out a way to let them "help" me. I can do laundry more easily and fold the clothes without them getting into everything they aren't supposed to be getting into. It's really, very nice. Again, why did I not do this sooner?

Anyhow, there's my five points for this day. So maybe they are all one just kind of broken up... but I feel as though they are all equally important and I wanted to share.

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I hope you all have a sunshine filled weekend!


Jessica said...

We utilize our baby gates every day. Best invention ever! I usually keep one up at the door to our master bedroom to keep Caleb from going in there and our master bathroom - which is also where the cat litter box is (and yes, he did get into that once. gross). And we keep one up at the door to our laundry room to keep him out of there as well. Love it!

Courtney said...

There isn't much that makes me happier than having my windows open and the fresh breeze floating through the house. I'm glad you found the perfect solution!

Natalie | Mrs. Janney | said...

I am a HUGE fan of baby gates. Definitely a needed item in the home. It's so nice to have them contained and SAFE while you do crazy things like go to the bathroom. :)

Hooray for baby gates!

tina bumblebee said...

I loved using baby gates! It's a sad day when you have to take them down because your toddler figured out how to open them. So excited about sunshine coming in and feeling fresh air through open windows!!

Laura said...

Great idea! And good for you for getting out with both of them. We definitely have a gate at the top of our stairs and at the bottom. Life saver!