Thursday, May 7, 2015

a finished project

This past weekend I was able to start working on the last of my projects. Over the past few months I've had a few projects I've wanted to work on and finish before baby's arrival. Since the time is getting closer for baby to come I decided I needed to get it done, that and because one of these projects was something that would help me prepare for baby's arrival - a "big brother bag" [aka: an overnight bag that is not a reusable shopping bag].

A few months ago I had went out and got all the materials I would need for the project. I had even pre-washed and ironed the fabric. So, everything was ready and waiting, it was just a matter of me getting to it. Saturday I decided there was no more time for dilly-dallying and I got busy.

The project was an overnight bag for Emerson. I wanted him to have his own special little bag I could pack for him in case he needs to spend the night at a friend's house when the baby comes. Usually when we go on trips he uses my carry-on, reusable shopping bags, and/or the diaper bag [not that he seems to notice or care]. Since I'm going to be using the same diaper bag for baby bean I knew that wasn't an option for Emerson and he would need a bag that was just the right size for a night away from home. And also, I thought it would be sweet for him to have his own little bag for future trips, even if it does only cart around his beloved animals and blankets.

During nap time on Saturday I cut the pieces, ironed, and started sewing. I was able to get quite a bit of the bag done before he woke up, and knew that I probably needed just one more nap time or a few hours after he went to bed one night. The pattern I used wasn't the greatest. I've done my fair share of sewing since I was little, and while I'm not an expert, I do know how to follow a pattern, pin and cut pieces, and sew in a straight line. When I bought this pattern I was expecting to get a pattern - pieces to pin down and cut out, and step by step easy to follow directions like every other pattern I've ever used includes. While there were step by step instructions, I didn't think they were written out all that well and at times were difficult to understand. If they had been laid out differently I think I could have made this bag during one nap time! And as far as the pattern pieces go - there was one and then a guide for another piece. Not what I want when I get a pattern. I'm a pin and cut on the line so it's all perfect kind of sewer. That was not the case with this pattern. I cut and pinned, but it was not as perfect as I would have liked. Oh well. I figured it out, didn't make any mistakes, and ended up with a bag for Emerson that I am pleased with. And I'm pretty sure he likes it too.

Though the bag has several imperfections, it's still a bag, it still resembles the "pattern" like it should, and I am happy that it turned out without any major flaws. There are things I would do differently if I were to make this bag again, one being the handle length. I like to be able to put the handles on my shoulder and carry it around; the straps for this bag are really too short to do that. You can, it's just really awkward. There are a few other little things here and there, but like I said, in the end I have a little bag that is just for Emerson and perfect for little trips. I like it and am pleased with how it turned out over all.

Plus, how could I not like it? I mean, just look at that fabric. I knew the moment I saw it in the store that that would be the fabric for his bag. I have never been able to choose a fabric as quickly as I did for this little bag. He was really excited when I first showed it to him and was excited to see the finished product as well. I love this fabric so much that I'm contemplating making a little duvet cover for him. I feel like I'm always washing his comforter and it would be nice if I could just take a cover off and wash it. But, I don't know, we'll see I guess. 

Anyhow, that's my second of three projects finished and done. The other project is an afghan, it's coming along, but it still has a ways to go. I'm hoping to get it finished in the next week or so. We shall see. 


Laura said...

I love that fabric! It's adorable. The bag looks great too. I like that it ties up and has handles.

kelseylynae said...

Adorable! Great job! This will be handy for years to come.

tina bumblebee said...

That's so awesome!

Lauren said...

so cute! I'm sure he will get a lot of use out of that!

Amy said...

Love the fabric. Love the bag. Love! Love! Love!