Thursday, May 21, 2015

another bang

Most of our mornings are spent in the same way: eat breakfast, clean up, read books, build towers, read more books, play with some toys, go outside if the weather is nice... It's pretty simple [and can sometimes be a tad bit boring -at least, for me, which probably makes me a terrible mama for saying that, I know, but it's true]. Today started off like all of the others. Emerson, Bee, and I were upstairs playing, reading, and doing the usual when all of the sudden, something completely unusual happened [and thank the Lord it is not a usual occurrence]. 

The three of us were sitting in the little landing/hall area upstairs, Bee on a little couch type chair and Emerson on a little frog folding chair. We were all reading books and chatting about this and that, you know important toddler discussions. As we were sitting there, Emerson shifted slightly in his little chair and before I could stop it, his chair fell over. You know how you see something about to happen, but you just can't get to it fast enough? That's what this was. I could see the fall and the aftermath happen, I just couldn't reach him fast enough. When he fell, his head banged against the banister wall. I grabbed him immediately and wrapped him in a hug, holding his head close to me, trying to calm him down. After a second I looked down at my hand and where it was covering his head and saw blood. A lot of blood. 

I yelled for Landon [thank the Lord he decided to stay home today!] and he came running upstairs. I briefly told him what happened and within minutes we were buckling both babies [toddlers] into the car and were on our way to convenient care. I was praying the whole time, whispering prayers over Emerson, talking to him, trying to engage him in a little bit of conversation, I didn't want him falling asleep, and willing the cars in front of us to drive more quickly. Emerson kept saying, "Froggy chair. Fall out." Yes, sweet boy, the froggy chair fell over, I'm so sorry. 

Landon dropped Emerson and I off at the door so I could get him admitted as quickly as possible and he came in a few minutes later with Bee [again, thank the Lord he stayed home today]. I hurried inside and when the receptionist saw that I had a blood covered cloth over Emerson's head she worked on getting us in as quickly as possible. We sat and waited for two minutes or so before we were called back to see a nurse. They of course took his vitals, asked what was going on, and all that. When the nurse saw the gash on his head, she took us into the procedure room [oh, it was all too familiar] and soon after a nurse practitioner came in to see what was what. She confirmed what we already knew, he was going to need staples. I had been praying it could be sutures and not staples, but apparently, for a head injury, staples is how it's done. Makes sense, I guess. 

They cleaned and numbed the wounded area and after a while of letting the numbing gel to kick in they came in to staple the gash. And this is where sutures sound a lot more pleasant than staples. 
Emerson was a brave little boy once again and laid so still for them to complete the procedure. He did cry a little this time, though I think it was from the pressure of the staples. I can't blame him for crying. I was holding him and when they put them in I felt him press harder into me, so I can only imagine what it must have felt like to him. Poor, brave, sweet, little boy. Thankfully it only took a matter of seconds and they were done. 

He really was so brave and did so well through it all, I was so impressed and proud of him. The whole time I was praying over him. Praying for courage and a brave heart, praying for healing and little pain. Oh, my sweet boy. 

We stayed and talked with the NP who did the procedure about care instructions and other concerns we had. The assisting nurse brought in some stickers for Emerson and we were on our way. 

Emerson acted like his usual little self on the way home and ran around while he waited for lunch to be ready. Soon after lunch he hit a wall and was so tired. We rocked for a while and then I laid him down in his bed, praying for sweet rest and healing. Oh, how I love that boy. 

Oh, my goodness sakes. I still feel awful about the whole thing, but am so thankful we were able to get to the doctor quickly and that he was seen immediately. And I am so thankful that Landon had decided to stay home. He almost drove to campus today, which would have left us stranded at home and deemed an ambulance ride necessary. So thankful he was home - for his steady and clear mind, his fast driving skills, and his comfort to both Emerson and me.

This visit to the doctor makes for our second emergency visit with Emerson, the first being on New Year's Day. He's not even two and a half... Oh, Lord, protect us and keep us safe. My heart cannot handle these kinds of doctor visits.


Courtney said...

Oh bless your heart, mama!!! So glad he's okay!

Meghan said...

Oh that must have been so scary! My nephews have had injuries requiring hospital visits and stitches but thankfully we've lucked out so far! Glad to hear he was such a champ and is doing well now!

Amy said...

Oh sweet girl! I'm so glad Landon was home! More importantly, I'm so glad that Emerson is okay!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam, and Dylan Too! said...

Oh no!!! Poor little dude! My oldest had to get staples when he was a toddler, and I had to leave the room while my husband held him. He went on to have 4 more ER visits in his 10 years of life...ha!!! Boys will be boys I guess. Hope he heals quickly!

Jessica said...

Oh, Mama:( I'm so sorry that you all had to go through this again. Poor little Emerson. I'm glad he was able to get treated so quickly and will be hoping and praying for a speedy recovery. So glad your husband was there to help. That's definitely a blessing for sure!

kelseylynae said...

BOO! The picture of the staples about did me in. Not only is he tough, but apparently you are too. Glad Landon was home. Hoping recovery is fairly painless...and glad this happened BEFORE the baby was thrown in the mix :)

Vanessa Esperanza said...

Poor baby! Glad he's okay! xoxo

Lauren said...

oh sweet baby boy! i'm so glad it wasn't anything more than a gash...but staples, in the head! yikes!

Jillian said...

oh my goodness. breaks my heart. SO GLAD he is ok! and can't imagine how horribly scary that was for you!