Tuesday, May 19, 2015

rained out of the park

The end of the semester is here. Landon is finishing up his classes and will soon have all summer to lay back and do nothing work on his research. As a way to celebrate the end of the year his department had a little picnic at the park on Friday evening for all of the students and professors. Landon asked if we would go with him, and since it was going to be at a really nice park we agreed and Emerson was very excited at the thought of going on a picnic. After his nap he got ready and we went to get Landon so we could play at the park and have a little picnic. 

Unfortunately for us it started raining as we got to the park and then a storm came in, so there was no playing on the park and we stayed under the cover of a covered picnic area [I'm not really sure what the official name for that is]. Poor little Emerson didn't understand that we couldn't play on the park because of the storm, and it was so hard to be there and not let him play. Instead we ate some food, talked to a few people, and went home. Last year they had a picnic as well, but Emerson and I stayed home for reasons I couldn't remember until we got to the picnic: I don't know anyone in Landon's program. I may have seen a face or two before, but it's alway just a "hi" and that's it. So, it makes for some great conversations and times. Plus, they're all engineers and for some reason, that's kind of all they talk about at these gatherings: engineering stuff. Anyhow, it was fun to do something a little different on a Friday evening.  

Saturday was spent getting little chores done here and there. Our neighborhood was having a neighborhood yard sale, so we looked around in hopes of finding a few good things. Our neighborhood didn't have any great sales at all, but the neighborhood across the street was on the money. So many yard sales! I wanted to walk around the neighborhood all morning, but instead we drove around looking for a few things here and there, stopping if we saw something that stuck out to us. At one house we stopped to look at a double stroller and they had several toys out front. Emerson developed a quick fondness for a little lawn mower they had. We aren't the type to buy things for our kid [sorry, Emerson], but he seemed to be having fun with the lawn mower and he doesn't really have any outdoor toys, so we asked the lady how much she wanted for it - $1. Um, yes please. He has since mowed our living room floor countless times and the back yard at least a dozen times. ...if only the thing really worked! :) One of the things I was on the look out for was a baby play mat. We used my sister's with Emerson, but have since had to give it back. I had looked at some in the stores and online, and they are not cheap! After looking around for a little while I thought I spotted one so I went to check and saw that it was similar to the one I had been eyeing online. It had all the pieces and looked to be in good shape so I snatched it up for $8. When we got home I had to look it up to see if it was like the one I wanted, it was, but it was the even nicer/more expensive one! Snap. Those deals made my day. 

That evening we had plans to meet some friends at the same park we were rained out of the night before. Sadly, it was storming again, so we were confined to playing inside. At least Emerson was able to play with his little friend and some toys that were new and different to him and be in a different place for a little bit, which he seemed to enjoy. We had dinner together and then headed home at the "late" hour or seven o'clock. Oh, how life changes when you have a kid. 

Sunday was a fairly lazy day, we went to church and afterwards Emerson and I went on a quick errand and came home to have lunch together. Landon had to work, but was able to take a little break later in the afternoon and we went to the park, because the rain had stopped and the sun was shining.

It was a sweet little weekend and I'm so thankful we were able to enjoy some time together as a family and spend some time with friends. It was also nice that the sun came out to play for a little while on Sunday so we could enjoy being outside.

I hope you all had a fun little weekend and were able to enjoy some sunshine or time with family or friends [or all of the above :]!


Jessica said...

Those are some amazing deals, Mama! Good job!:)

Laura said...

I love awesome garage sale finds!!