Monday, June 8, 2015

baby bump #2 // 39 weeks

Dear Little Baby,

Today we are 39 weeks and you are the size of a watermelon! Secretly [or not so secretly] I was hoping you would be here already, but you're not. You are getting so big! Too big to stay in my belly for much longer. Please, please, come soon. I so want to meet you and see your squishy little face. I have a feeling when you do arrive you are going to be a chunky little fellow, although, hopefully not too big! Your changes of being on the small side decrease with every passing day, ya know.

Last week we went to the doctor and your heartbeat started out pretty low, but then you decided to do a flip or something and it went right up to where it should have been. I am so thankful that you are healthy and that we get to see you soon. The nurse practitioner said everything seemed good on your part, for which I was very thankful. Though, she seemed a little concerned about me, as I had lost three pounds since my last visit. I'm not really sure how that happened, and even though it is kind of nice to have three less pounds, I know it's not ideal for me to be loosing the weight while you are still growing in my belly. Apart from that though, it was a good visit and I am praying we don't have to go in for our next one later on this week.

Your daddy and I are continually being blown away with the generosity and thoughtfulness of new friends and peers. We have been gifted some incredibly nice gifts for you and are just amazed. Your daddy's research group chipped in and got you [me?] a nice gift and other friends from church have also been showering us with love and sharing in our excitement of you arrival with prayers, encouragement, and gifts. You are loved by these people and they haven't even met you yet and they haven't known us that long either! God is good and faithful, I hope that is something you know from an early age and always hold onto. It's easy to forget, but during these last few weeks, God has been reminding me of that fact just through the generosity of others to us. He is good. Trust Him, little peanut.

Your daddy and I have been talking about some traits that we want to pray over you. I have done this with your brother to an extent [the traits change every now and then] and want to do the same thing with you. Now that you are nearly here I feel it is all the more important to actually choose three or four traits for your bother and three or four for you. One of my friends has done this with her girls, and it is something I love and think is of such value.

You are such a little blessing and gift to us already, we love you so much and cannot wait to meet you and kiss your tiny face. I pray that we get to do just that very very soon! Please don't make us wait much longer. Please? Okay.

I love you so much.



Courtney said...

A lot of women don't gain or they lose some weight in the days leading up to delivery- so it means you are very very close!! :) you look great!

Jessica said...

You look beautiful, Mama! Any day now!

Meghan said...

You look great! You are all belly and carrying high! Hopefully he will make his arrival soon :)