Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Emerson meets Oliver

Thank you all so much for your well wishes and sweet words! We are so thrilled that Oliver is here with us and has joined our family. If you missed reading his birth story, you can read it here and here


Before Oliver was born one of the things Landon and I prayed for was that Emerson and Oliver would love each other and that they would be friends throughout life. That is still our prayer. We also prayed that Emerson would love Oliver when he joined our family. Emerson knew there was a baby in my belly, and he loved to pat my belly and say, "moot baby!" -for move baby, apparently I said that on more than one occasion. But we prayed that when Oliver was here Emerson would be just as excited and not be upset that there was a new little person he had to share his mommy and daddy with. 

Soon after I was taken up from the recovery room and settled into our room, Landon brought Emerson in to see us. Though at the time Oliver was still in the NICU being monitored, so it was just me he got to see during that first visit. Landon's parents had brought Emerson to the hospital when my time in the recovery room was up so Landon went to meet them in the lobby to bring them into our room. They stayed and talked for a little bit, and we gave Emerson his big brother gift. His Gigi also brought a few gifts with her for Oliver, and Emerson loved helping open them.

After a short visit, they all headed out for lunch and I stayed in the room [not that I could have moved if I wanted to]. While they were out at lunch Oliver was brought into the room to nurse, so after they were all done eating lunch they came back and Emerson was able to meet Oliver for the first time.

He loved him. I think he was most concerned because I was stuck in a bed and couldn't get out to hold him. But he gave me hugs and kisses and wanted to sit by me as much as he could. When he saw Oliver, he was curious and excited and just wanted to hold and kiss him. He looked at Oliver and said, "Me baby. Me baby," and then he'd pat him or hug him. We were so thankful he was happy to meet his little brother and it was the sweetest thing watching him smother Oliver with hugs and kisses.

After just sitting next to me and Oliver for a little bit, he decided he needed to hold him. So he sat with Landon and held Oliver for the longest time. All the while saying, "Me baby. Me baby," giving him kiss after kiss, and pat after pat. When we asked Emerson what the baby's name was he said, "OlivFlynn." And since then, every time he says Oliver's name, it's always, "OlivFlynn." 

Emerson stayed for a little while visiting us and then he headed back to the house with Landon and his parents for nap time. Landon went to help them and to get a few things done while Oliver and I stayed at the hospital. Emerson did not want to leave his baby and kept hugging him so tight. 

Landon's parents brought Emerson back to the hospital that evening after his nap for a short visit and then they all headed out for dinner. Each day we were at the hospital Emerson came to visit us twice: once in the morning and once in the evening. And each time he headed straight for Oliver. He always wanted to hold him and kiss him and to give him all of the hugs. And never wanted to leave the hospital, he was always so sad when it came time to leave.

It was absolutely the sweetest thing watching Emerson love on his new little brother. We are so thankful that he loves Oliver and seems to truly care about him, even at such a young age. Though there are times Emerson needs to learn to be a little more gentle or to just let Oliver be, we are so glad he loves his brother and that he is excited about him being home. Hopefully his love for Oliver just continues to grow and Oliver loves his just as much.

In the midst of all of the changes going on for all of us right now, we are just so thankful that the big change - of having a little brother - is one that Emerson loves. When he wakes up in the morning or gets up from his nap, the first thing he does is smother Oliver with hugs and kisses. He always wants to see and hold his baby. I'm so thankful Emerson had such a sweet time meeting his baby brother for the first time and that he continues to love on him each and every day. 


Sara McCarty said...

Oh my goodness, this is so incredibly sweet! Melt my heart! :) Love love love.

Lauren said...

so precious, and can I just say...you look incredible! So fabulous for a momma who just had major surgery!

Susannah said...

Awwww... this is just the sweetest thing! <3

Living out of Wedlock said...

What a sweet meeting and I can tell he will be a good big bro! You guys are really blessed and the family photos are perfect!

Amy said...

Aww! Look at you & all your boys. <3 So sweet! Emerson looks like he's off to a great start at this big brother gig!

Jessica said...

Precious, precious boys! I admit, I do think it would have been really sweet to have a little brother for Caleb - they would have been so close in age. If we do end up having another little boy, he and Caleb will likely be several years apart (seeing as how I don't plan on being pregnant again anytime soon), so I don't know how close they would be. You are surrounded by boys now, Mama. There will always be someone to take care of you:)

Leslie said...

This post and these photos are so, so incredibly sweet. Congrats on your precious little boy!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam, and Dylan Too! said...

How sweet! I love the last picture! XOXO

Laura said...

Emerson's reaction to Oliver is priceless! How sweet!