Friday, June 26, 2015

just some thoughts

Today I thought I'd share a few thoughts / questions that have been running around my head lately:

one. comfy clothes. 
How long can I live in yoga pants after having a baby / c-section? I never wear yoga pants [unless I'm exercising .... so, never .... haha :] but they are the only thing I can wear comfortably these days. My incision site is still tender and sore, so wearing anything with a real waist band is just painful to think about. If I go out in public I usually put on a jersey skirt or dress, but if I'm inside, it's yoga pants all the way.

two. yoga pants. 
Speaking of yoga pants, what's a good number of them to have? I have two, but have quickly found that two isn't really enough. I'm hoping to get by with just one additional pair, that way one can be dirty, one can be clean, and I can be wearing the other pair. Three is plenty, right? I would like another pair [or two] but I am trying to hold out on buy more because I am hoping to be wearing normal clothes again sometime soon.

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three. normal clothes. 
I remember buying a few shirts after Emerson was born to better fit my post baby body and am wondering how long I can hold out before getting a few new tops this go around, certain parts of my are just bigger, you know? So it'd be nice to have things fit properly. I wore those shirts to the last thread and was strongly encouraged by Landon to get rid of them after a while because I wore them out. I have been wearing the same four or five shirts on repeat for weeks now, and am even still wearing some maternity tops because nothing else fits. I know that it takes time to lose the baby weight, and I'm not expecting all of the pounds to just shed off my body within days or weeks [though I would not be opposed if that happened], but I'm trying to wait a little bit before buying anything because I don't want to get something now and not have it fit later on. Though, let's be honest, I'm really not getting anything new because I'm cheap and because I just can't seem to muster the energy to get out of the house.

four. helping hands. 
Since coming home from the hospital we've had help from Landon's family; it has been so nice. On Sunday they will all be leaving and not be coming back for a while, and we'll be left on our own. It's a little bit scary. I think I'm more apprehensive about it since I'm not supposed to lift Emerson and I just don't know how I'm going to manage two boys on my own. I know there are lots of experienced mamas of two out there I know that a lot of you have recently added baby number two to your family and have since become pros at two kiddos. How do you all do it?! It's also a little bit exciting, we will be on our own as a family of four! And things can get "back to normal".

five. messy house. 
The other day Landon told me he felt like our house was just messier and dirtier than it usually is. Which is true. And even though it's kind of gross, it made me feel good about my housekeeping skills, or at least, what used to be my house keeping skills. Now, cleaning the countertops and picking up after Emerson seem to be one of the hardest things to keep up with. Not counting laundry... I'm sure one day in the next year I will find a way to keep things clean and tidy again, but until then, I'm trying my best to not care too much about the state of our house.

Anyhow, those are just some of my thoughts for this day. I hope you all have a fun weekend!

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Amy said...

Oh girl, I have like 5 pairs of yoga pants. No shame there. I also love these ones from Target! They are on sale, too! I have the black & want to go back for the teal & gray. :)