Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Oliver's Birth Story // Part I

Once I had decided to have a repeat c-section I talked with my doctor about potential dates for it to be scheduled. We choose a date and time: June 17 at noon. I really wanted baby to come on his own and thought that if we scheduled for the week of his due date he would have more opportunity to pick his own birthday. One morning, after feeling a lot of similar symptoms as I did before Emerson was born, Landon and I talked about the pros and cons of having a scheduled c-section. One of the biggest pros being that Emerson would be able to stay at home and his whole world wouldn't be turned upside down in the blink of an eye. He would have familiar faces with him and he would be with family who would give him all of the love, hugs, cuddles, and attention he would want and need. The biggest con for me being that baby wouldn't be choosing his own birthday. But after talking it over with Landon, I somewhat impulsively called the doctor to see what other days might be available for a c-section that week, thinking two things: 1. baby would come by then and 2. there would be no openings because it was the week of. Mostly number two. 

The morning I called the doctor he was out of the office, so I was told I'd have to wait until the following day to hear back from him. I was fine with that and by that night I had already decided that what we had scheduled wasn't going to change at all. The next morning Emerson and I took Landon to school and then we went to Target to get a few things and just to get out of the house for a little bit. I wasn't sure how many more days I had with just him and wanted to do some fun things together [and yes, a trip to Target to get toothbrushes does make for a fun morning :]. When we got home we played for a while and then the nurse called and told me the next morning at 8 am is when they had changed my c-section to. I was surprised, shocked, and not quite ready, but there was nothing I could really do at that point; the baby was going to come tomorrow. After talking to the nurse I was surprised at how emotional I was over knowing I would be seeing our little baby the next day and my days with just Emerson were no more. I called Landon and said, "So, how about tomorrow morning?" to which he replied, "Okay. I'll call my mom." The rest of the afternoon I spent playing with Emerson, reading, snacking, and we even picked Landon up from school to go to the petting zoo. 

We wanted to do something special for dinner that night as our last night as a family of three, but Landon had a celebratory dinner to go to. He just had an article published in a pretty big and important science magazine and his advisor wanted to celebrate. She had a cook-out for him and celebrated his publication and the achievements of a few other students. When Landon asked if it was okay to still go to the dinner I thought it would be fine. But then we got there, it was hot so so hot. And humid. And I was so pregnant. And we were eating outside. With no breeze. And the food was terrible [the guy cooking the food even admitted before we ate that it was horrible food]. And I had to chase Emerson around the whole time because well, he's two and doesn't sit still. Fun times. It was definitely not ideal or how either of us had hoped dinner would be, but it was fine though and an evening we will not forget. 

As we drove home we were talking about crazy it was that the time was finally here for baby to come and how it almost didn't seem real. Even though we'd had months to prepare, we were both still trying to wrap our minds around that fact that we were having another baby. Tomorrow. It was hard to believe that after months of waiting, the time was finally here. 

Landon had called his mom earlier that morning and told her that the baby was going to come the next day so that night Landon's parents arrived at the house, ready to stay the night and spend the following few days with Emerson. It was nice having his parents at the house, knowing Emerson wouldn't have to be woken up in the night and taken somewhere else and have his whole world entirely shaken. Or even have his little daily routine changed much at all should my labor start during the day.  I packed up a few last minute things in my bag that night, then went to bed. 

Around midnight I woke up to go to the bathroom [because that's all I seemed to do any more] and laid back down in bed. Usually I fell back asleep right away, but not that night. My mind wouldn't calm down and I could not sleep. As I lay there willing myself to fall asleep, I started feeling strong lower back contractions. I knew they were contractions and that they weren't practice Braxton Hick's contractions like I had been having. They were exactly the same type of contractions I had experienced with Emerson right before he was born. They were strong and steady. I kept counting them and watching the clock, but decided to not do anything about it at the time since I knew we were going to the hospital in a few hours anyway. 

I didn't sleep much the rest of the night, and felt wide awake by the time my alarm went off at four that morning. I got ready as if it were any other day and packed up everything we would need for the hospital, changed the sheets on our bed for Landon's parents, and took my time getting ready. It was kind of nice knowing that we were going to have the baby that morning and I was able to look decent and prepare my body and mind for what was to soon come. After we were ready, I snuck into Emerson's room to say a silent good-bye. I never go into his room while he's sleeping, but I just couldn't help myself, I needed to see him before I left for a few days and before a baby joined us. I knew Emerson so well, but I didn't know this new little nugget or how our days would change. I tip-toed into his room, silently whispered a little prayer and "I love you", walked out of his room, and closed the door behind me. 

A minute later, as I was starting to walk downstairs, Emerson opened his door and saw me. I picked him up, gave him a big hug and kiss, then handed him over to his Gigi for cuddles. 

Landon and I drove to the hospital, still thinking it was so strange and surreal that we were going meet our baby within a few hours. All the while my contractions continued at a regular and steady pace. They weren't horribly uncomfortable at this point, but they were constant for sure. 


Natalie | Mrs. Janney | said...

Ok, I almost started crying when I read that part about saying good bye to Emerson. SO SWEET!!

I can't wait to read the rest!

Amy said...

Aww! I love that you tiptoed in by Emerson! Can't wait to hear the rest!

Lauren said...

oh i sobbed when I left Elyse. I was having some crazy labor pains, but when Elyse left with my in-laws (which of course she was THRILLED about), I nearly lost it. Can't wait to hear the rest!

Jessica said...

Ok, so I might have lost it a little when you talked about saying goodbye to Emerson. That was one thing that I never got to do with Caleb. When we headed to labor and delivery the day before Vivian was born, we had no idea we'd be coming home with a baby, so I never had a "last" moment with just Caleb or a goodbye to him as my only child. While I'm not sad about that - Vivi has been such a blessing and wonderful addition - in looking back, I would definitely had made an effort to have just one more mommy and Caleb moment for sure. So, so sweet!